Joe Singleton’s Art of The Superverse: The Sire

Publisher: TGIJoe Singleton’s art has graced the pages of many a superhero RPG supplement.  His style evokes the charm and spirit of classic superhero fare while remaining fresh and exciting for contemporary fans.  As such, he’s brought joy to many of us through his work.  Those of you lucky enough to have met him know that he’s also a wonderful human being.  Generous, humble, hardworking, witty, and kind are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe him.
Recently, Joe went through a rough patch.  Like the superheroes that he loves, Joe is fighting with bravery and determination to overcome the health challenges that face him going forward.  He’s asked for nothing, but I feel like I owe him something.  For that reason, I’m offering the character illustrations that Joe completed for The Superverse as art prints for sale.  ALL proceeds will go directly to Joe and his family to help them through this tough time.
There are 22 different prints available.  (See the list of featured characters below.) 
Each poster:
Measures 12″ x 18″Features character art by Joe Singleton and backgrounds by Lj Stephens.Costs $3.00 for POD + PDF.
You can also purchase the Complete Set for only $26.22.  (That’s $69.00 worth of posters for less than half the price.)  Click HERE to purchase the bundle.
The poster set includes the following characters:
American DreamerAmerican EagleAmerican LegionBrando CalavicciDemon BruteFirefightFreedom Star in ActionFreedom Star StandingGrey GhoulIron MaidenItsy BitsyMaiden AmericaMalephonMammothManiteMin-MaxShadowstrikeShriekSkanaThe SireThunderbirdVanguard America (team with American Dreamer, American Eagle, and American Legion)Violet Revolution
Art and character copyright © 2014 The Guy’s InkPrice: $3.00
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Joe Singleton’s Art of The Superverse: The Sire

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