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Internet Role Play Game Database
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The iRPGDB is the database of Tabletop Role Playing Games.

We specialise in traditional pen, paper, dice and optional miniature role-playing games (RPGs). Therse are game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting, such as Historical, Fantasy, Horror or Scifi. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making regarding character development. Actions taken within many games succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines.

This site is born from the love of these narrative based games. Most people would be familiar with the classic Fantasy RPG Dungeons and Dragons and possibly the Horror RPG Call Of Cthulhu, but there are hundreds of games out there.

The games range from small independent publications to those based on Video Game, TV or Movie IP.

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