Wireless Soul Transmission Digital Duo [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Scribed Starlight PressThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Wireless Soul Transmission – Play GuideRegular price: $20.00Bundle price: $10.00Format: Watermarked PDF Unite with your friends in a tabletop role playing experience like no other. This >200 page rulebook contains everything a player needs to create and play a memorable hero in the Wireless Soul Transmission universe

Face the Whisper: as much a god as an enemy, its tendrils spread vastly over the wireless and its voice in the ear of every augmented. The more powerful the cybernetics, the greater the risk.
Feel every wound: Instead of bland hit points feel the sense of peril as your characters suffer a shattered sternum or a charred hand
Forget the bard: No social class, all heroes can rise to lead when the occasion demands. In WST the best speaker is the one with the best connection to the situation. Whether bold or humble, quick-witted or just frequently drunk, your moment will …Wireless Soul Transmission – Mastery GuideRegular price: $25.00Bundle price: $15.00Format: Watermarked PDF Guide your friends through an amazing tabletop role playing experience. This >300 page guidebook contains everything a game master needs to create scenarios your players will never forget.

Learn the secrets of the Whisper: the Whisper is a deadly force like no other game has and its presence defines the Wireless Soul Transmission setting. This guide will equip GMs to get the most from this unique peril.
A deep setting: Not only do we provide detailed write ups on every element of the possible gaming universe, but we also include ‘story blocks’, ready made locations and characters you can drop into your story.
A rich toolkit: Amazing weapons, armour and cybernetics are just the beginning. This guide also includes stats for military vehicles, starships and dozens of opp…Total value:$45.00Special bundle price:$25.00Savings of:$20.00 (44%)Price: $45.00
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Wireless Soul Transmission Digital Duo [BUNDLE]

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