Whispers In The Dark 16 Tables To Terrify

Publisher: Grumble Giant PressWhat could you find if you search a decaying body? What ghastly things await your players in a haunted mansion? What is that thing lurking just beyond sight? Whispers In The Dark gives you the tools to find out! 16 system agnostic tables with 20 entries each provide you with story seeds and strange happenings that can be dropped into any adventure.
Need something strange for the players to investigate?  Roll a d20 on the Local Legends table!
 The mist that fills the moor? It’s not natural. There is a corpse pinned to the earth out there. Some ancient sorcerer or consort of the infernal. The mist pours from his desiccated eyes and mouth. Strange things hide in that fog.  
Got a session tonight and need an antagonist last minute? Roll on the Strange Undead list, get a 3 and introduce your players to this monster:
 A mass of worms shaped like a man tumbles and spills down the steps of basements. It lives in the dewy, moldy darkness listening to the families above. It breathes out half remembered words and tries to learn how to be a human again. Woe to those who discover this student of humanity. It hates how people react to its otherworldly nature and does its best to suffocate their screams in handfuls of spiraling, slimy night crawlers. Price: $5.00
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Whispers In The Dark 16 Tables To Terrify

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