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Tycho City: Alien Lair

Publisher: Aether Studios
Aether Studios’ Colin Christenson and Will Walker return to the Tycho Series with a new update on a classic original community set. Tycho City: Alien Lair is a massive uptexturing and expansion of Colin’s Alien Space Ships set. Rather than the clean lines of the original, we’ve gone and added organic textured to the extreme! We build this one “Seraphim Style” from the ground up to incorporate the LED slot underneath each tile. 31 tiles are included in this set of Dragonbite Terrain. Check out all the pictures below.
Conduit Walls and Floors

Wall, Corner, Door, and Floor

Corner Pillar, Center Pillar, and Transition Turn Floors. Plain turn floors also included, but not shown.

interface Wall, Y-Wall, and Angled Wall along with a vertical shaft opening floor.

4×4 Giant Maw

Layer Size: 0.15mm recommended, 0.1mm for smoother features.
Infill: 10% for all models recommended.
Top/Bottom Layers: 6 (or 0.9mm if using a different layer size than 0.15mm)
Side Shell Count: 2 (or 0.8mm if using a different nozzle size than 0.4mm)
Raft/Brim/Supports: none
Price: $12.99
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