The Ruined World: Gaulois the Kingdom of the Great City

Publisher: Eldrad WolfsbaneGaulois is the kingdom of the great city. The Gualios City State has the grandest and tallest buildings of any city in the realm. The ruins were re inhabited by the survivors of the terrible cataclysm. The population is at 18,000 people but the city when full taken back will easily fit 25,000 people. Many a less than savory group moved in as well. Much of the city is still full of monsters that moved in. The walls are being repaired. One must use the Great Locks to get to the city. The tides cause the Locks to flow one way or another and teeter totter in a feat of monumental engineering of the ancients. (THINK French and any possible Cultures due to the Port)

There is plenty of work here for normal people but wages are low. Farming the fields, building walls, cleaning up scrap and tending to the animals. Slavery is legal in Gaulios and the Nobles have more rights than lesser people. Price: $1.00
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