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Swordsfall | Nubia Wallpaper Set

Publisher: Swordsfall

A pack of high-quality wallpapers featuring the Pirate Lord, Nubia. 

Included Resolutions:

Nubia didn’t become captain of Heaven’s Fall by accident. It was the culmination of years of hard work and stone cold patience. Before Nubia began leading Heaven’s Fall, she was in a small-time pirate crew living off the scraps of bigger crews. The Scrap Dogs.
Under Nubia Heaven’s Fall is now the largest pirate group in Grimnest and perhaps all of Tikor. With over 100 ships in their total armada, it’s hard to think of any pirate crew with the numbers to take on The Fallen. At the very least not toe to toe in the open water.
The majority of the ships in Heaven’s Fall fleet are stolen or salvaged from around the Divide. This has allowed them to build their fleet at alarming rates. Increasing their ship count from five ships at the dawn of the era, to the 100+ they have currently. Nubia openly defies the Edict set by the Black Ravens. The mysterious group hasn’t been heard from in a number of years, but many wonder when the master planner will return to punish the Fallen.

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