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Slarecian Vault Players Bundle [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Blood & Ink: Tattoo MagicRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.29Format: PDF Blood & Ink: Tattoo Magic is a system and setting enhancement for use with Scarred Lands 5e.
The Scarred Lands Player’s Guide introduces the concept of tattoo magic, giving the heroes of Ghelspad another method of arming themselves for the trials of adventuring in the war-torn world of Scarn. This supplement is intended to expand upon the concepts presented in the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide, giving access to a wider array of tools for players and GMs to utilize while bringing this unique form of magic into your stories. Within these pages you will find:

College of the Needles: a new Bardic College focused on creating magical art & tattoos.
Magic Items: twelve new Magic Tattoos and eight variations of the Titan Blood potion.
Expanded Ink: rules for mixin…Master of the ScaledRegular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.14Format: PDF The Scarred Lands Player’s Guide mentions a number of criminal organizations, thieves’ guilds and factions with influence across the face of Ghelspad. The most notorious and widespread among these factions is a group known as The Scaled. In the Rogue class description, members of the Scaled are listed as potential spellcasters. The descriptions of the Filch and Flash spells in the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide state that these spells were invented by members of the Scaled.
However, there is no Rogue Archetype provided in the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide with spellcasting ability. The Master of the Scaled is presented to allow players a means of exploring the arcane thieves of one of the most well-known and romanticized criminal organizations in Ghelspad….Rangers of GhelspadRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.29Format: PDF The Scarred Lands Player’s Guide discusses a number of ranger organizations while emphasizing the prevalence of rangers as solitary hunters. This booklet focuses on three prominent organizations of rangers, any of which can be used for player characters or NPCs. The ranger archetypes you will find in Rangers of Ghelspad are: Brotherhood of the Crimson Temple, Kelder Brotherhood, and Ukrundan Wanderer
Includes a full color pdf and a black and white print-friendly version.


V1.1 Released 10/31/18

Updated the Whirling Defense class feature to allow for a shield to be wielded in the off hand while using the feature.
Corrected minor typos and errors.

See the other works of Travis Legge at the links below

DMs Guild: https://…Slarecian Vault Character SheetRegular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.14Format: PDF The Slarecian Vault Chararacter Sheet is a play aid for use with Scarred Lands 5e.
This sheet is designed to handle all your needs for tracking the abilities, gear, and spells of your Scarred Lands 5e character! In this package you will find a two page, graphics intensive sheet, a two page graphics-lite print friendly sheet, and a two page form fillable .pdf version of the sheet. I have set this to pay what you want in the hopes that you might leave a small tip for a humble artisan.

DMs Guild: DriveThruRPG: /browse/pub/338/Aegis-Studios Storyteller’s Vault …WracklingsRegular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.14Format: PDF Wracklings are horrific humanoids crafted at the command of the Stormwrack dragons, in the hopes of overcoming their inability to reproduce. By mixing the elemental wrack from which the wrack dragons were formed with humans, these terrible creatures were given life. Neither Divine, nor Redeemed, these creatures are not quite Titanspawn either. Though the majority of the Wracklings toil under the iron grip of their wrack dragon forebears, some few have escaped this life of servitude, seeking freedom, adventure, and safety among the peoples of Ghelspad.
Wracklings brings Dragonborn as a playable race to Scarred Lands 5e! Within these pages, you will find setting and system information for introducing this new species into your Scarred Lands 5e campaign as allies, antagonists, or play…Total value:$3.50Special bundle price:$1.00Savings of:$2.50 (71%)Price: $3.50
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