Persons of Interest: Creating Patrons and Nemeses

Persons of Interest: Creating Patrons and NemesesPublisher: Sine Nomine Publishing

Forging Villains and Patrons

Persons of Interest and nbsp;offers a selection of system-neutral tools for building antagonists and other NPCs for your GMing needs. While written for the Stars Without Number sci-fi role-playing game, the tools in Persons of Interest are compatible with almost any setting or game system. Within these 33 pages you’ll find the kind of Sine Nomine Publishing tables and GM helps you’ve come to expect, including….

  • Motives, for driving your NPCs forward and provoking their villainy or desperate need for PC help
  • Capabilities, defining the kinds of help or harm the NPC can offer the party, giving the heroes a reason to care about their ambitions
  • Opportunities, providing the specific situations or adventure hooks you can use to pull the PCs into the NPC’s sinister plans or lamentable troubles
  • Appearances, helping you define the way the NPC looks, how they behave during negotiations, where they might meet the heroes, and what kind of prices they might be willing and able to pay for help with their problems

This slim full-color supplement is built for working GMs who have endlessly voracious players but a limited amount of time and energy to build content for them. With and nbsp;Persons of Interest, you have the tools to lighten your load and sharpen your creations.

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Persons of Interest: Creating Patrons and Nemeses

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