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Mythic North [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
This special 51% off bundle contains 10 titles that can be used to play or enhance games set in the Mythic North! They include Skirmisher Publishing’s bestselling Ragnarok: Age of Wolves miniatures game; its “Viking Warriors,” “Dwarf Soldiery,” and “Troll Warband” sets of cardstock miniatures; the Gold-bestselling “100 Oddities for a Viking Encounter”; a short story set in Norse waters; a legend about a Norse deity; a live-play episode of the Ragnarok: The Great Winter RPG; and a discussion among game developers about how they incorporate Viking culture into their RPGs.

100 Oddities for a Viking EncounterRegular price: $2.99Bundle price: $1.49Format: PDF
Welcome to the tenth title in Skirmisher Publishing’s popular and ongoing “100 Oddities” series! “100 Oddities for a Viking Encounter” is a thematic sourcebook that contains lists of 100 Items, 20 Places, and 30 People & Monsters that can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to add some evocative details to a Viking-themed encounter or to construct one from scratch. These elements routinely cross the line between actual mythological elements and meta-references to them, and storytellers can decide in any given case whether they are dealing with something legendary or merely reminiscent of it.  Oddities are things that stand out from the ordinary, and prompt both game masters and players to wonder about them. Oddities intrigue and&nbs…

Dwarf Soldiery (Cardstock CharactersTM)Regular price: $1.99Bundle price: $0.99Format: PDF
This set of downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures contains three variations on five different figures, a Champion, Infantryman, Crossbowman, Goat Rider, and War Goat. These figures are an ideal addition to any sort of tabletop fantasy RPG or wargame. They can be used to enhance encounters or even serve as the basis for them and the different variations can also be used to easily reflect different levels and capabilities. One of the factions even has blank shields that can easily be customized.  We hope you and your players will enjoy battling with them! …

Let’s Play Vikings (d-Infinity Live! Season 6, Episode 27)Regular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.01Format: MP3 File
Join co-hosts William T. Thrasher, Brenda Cass, Clint Staples, Amanda Kahl, and Michael O. Varhola for a lively and informative chat about the influence of Vikings and their culture on tabletop games that includes thoughts on how to play them in your own games! This title is pay-what-you want and the requested payment is 1 cent.  Highlights of this episode include why Vikings are often incorrectly shown with horned helmets; what Viking clothing and accessories really looked like; and what the god Loki is really all about. You can watch the show right here, but downloads associated with this listing include an MP3 audio version that you can use to listen to it on mobiles devices and a PDF that includes a link to where it appears at d-Infinity Online game m…

Ragnarok RPG (d-Infinity Playtest Monday #33)Regular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.01Format: MP3 File
Join Saga Master Clint Staples and Helblindi the Galdr mage (Brenda Cass) and shapeshifter Fafnir, who alternates between the forms of a Human hunter and a Dragon (Michael O. Varhola), for an exciting Ragnarok RPG adventure set in the dark and savage era of the Viking end times! This title is pay-what-you want and the requested payment is 1 cent.  In this session in the ongoing saga of the Rimecold Hart, our heroes determine the location of the Aelking’s heart and venture through the frozen wilds of West Gothland to a ruined fortress on the shores of Lake Vänern. There, they draw upon both their magical and mundane abilities to infiltrate the crumbling redoubt, attempt to locate the heart, and face the fell creatures guarding it … You can watch the show r…

Ragnarok: Age of WolvesRegular price: $9.99Bundle price: $4.99Format: PDF
Ragnarok: Age of Wolves is a skirmish-level game for novice and experienced tabletop players alike that emulates the desperate small-scale actions that might result during the unending winter that is the first stage of the Viking Apocalypse. As crops fail and food grows scarce, banditry becomes rife as formerly good folk are driven to extremes and bad men take advantage of chaos and hardship. Monsters haunt the wilds and prowl the outskirts of palisaded settlement and isolated steading alike. Huldrfolk, never easy neighbors, but generally peaceful if left undisturbed, now move to defend their sacred groves and to seize places once devoted to gods who now seem absent. Trolls and their ilk gather, marauders sweep brigands and more into their bands, and whispers abound of gau…

Their Blood Is the SeaRegular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.49Format: PDF
“North Sea, in the 22nd year of the reign of blessed Honorius, Imperator Romanorum …” Set on the cusp of civilization during the final years of the Roman Empire and the onset of the Dark Ages, “Their Blood Is the Sea” explores the horrors encountered by the crew and passengers of a vessel that runs aground on a hostile shore. It was written by game developer and historian Clint Staples, who has extensively researched the period in which this story takes place and sailed through the waters where it is set. …

Thor and the Giant SkrymirRegular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.39Format: PDF
This short story set in the Viking epic era covers a number of iconic episodes involving the Norse deity Thor, including a series of seemingly simple contests that he just cannot seem to win and an inadvertent attack on one of his chariot goats.  “Thor and the Giant Skrymir” was written by author Julia Clinton Jones and was originally published in 1891. …

Troll Warband (Cardstock Characters)Regular price: $1.99Bundle price: $0.99Format: PDF
This set of downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures is devoted to two different sorts of Trolls, aquatic Meretrolls and savage Wolftrolls, and is compatible with any tabletop or roleplaying games.  “Troll Warband” contains 10 different figures, including three giant-sized Meretrolls, one of them a chieftain with magical powers; two human-sized Lesser Meretrolls; an allied Water Elemental; a large Wolftroll; a half-Troll wizard, both on foot and mounted on a Wolftroll; and a heavily armed-and-armored half-Wolftroll warlord. This set also includes horizontally-flopped versions of six of the figures, for a total of 16 different figures, as well as assembly instructions.  These beautiful miniatures by noted fantasy artist Amanda Kahl are the ideal addition to an…

Viking Warriors (A Sourcebook for 5th Edition)Regular price: $2.99Bundle price: $1.64Format: PDF
Welcome to the Mythic North! Our version of this fantastic region corresponds largely to what are now known as Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark and incorporates the myths, legends, folklore, and history associated with it and this book is designed to help facilitate adventures in it. “Viking Warriors” includes:  * 10 sets of D&D 5th Edition game stats, including those for a chieftain, or jarl; five of his lieutenants, or thegns, including a rune-mage, a war-priestess, a bard, a woodsman, and a scout; and four different sorts of common warriors, or carls. Six of these sets are comprehensive enough that they can be used either as non-player characters or as ready-to-use pre-generated player characters. * Backstories for the various …

Viking Warriors (Cardstock Characters)Regular price: $1.99Bundle price: $0.99Format: PDF
This set of downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures contains 10 different figures in c. 28mm scale, including a chieftain (jarl), four warrior retainers (thegns), a rune mage (galdrmadr), and four common warriors (carls). This set also includes a horizontally-flopped version of the entire group to allow for additional variety, allowing a full 20 figures to be printed out on a single sheet, as well as assembly instructions.  These beautiful miniatures by noted fantasy artist Amanda Kahl are the ideal addition to any sort of tabletop fantasy RPG or wargame and can be used to enhance encounters or even serve as the basis for them. They have been developed with an eye for historical accuracy under the direction of game developer and …

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