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Mutant Chronicles: Art Book

Publisher: ModiphiusFrom the Big Scream and the ending of humanity’s golden era, to the culmination of the Second Dark Legion War and the dawning of a new age, the Mutant Chronicles have spanned a timeline that stretches across millennia. Multiple editions, campaigns, and sourcebooks have enabled players to delve into the dieselpunk future of our solar system like never before. 
For the first time ever, the stunning visuals that have helped to define a setting like no other are collected into one enormous tome. Tour the solar system and gaze upon the delights that the megacorporations have to offer, but beware, as the terrors of the Dark Legion stand ready to snare your soul. 

Epic Scope: Artwork drawn from across every iteration of Mutant Chronicles, spanning multiple timeframes across the intervening years. 

Megacorporate Affairs: A grand tour of the megacorporations, taking a look at arms, armour, architecture, and historic imagery. 

Dark Perspective: The imagery of the Dark Legion in all its infernal glory. Each Apostle is featured, along with the minions and tools of destruction. 

Character Focus: The characters that serve as the driving force of the setting are all collected in one place.

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