Publisher: Moonhop GamesMoonhop!

24 pages of concise, light rules for character generation and gameplay.
Moonhop is a solid foundation to use with any ratio of Fantasy to Science Fiction. Whether you like cyborgs, wizards, or cyborg wizards, Moonhop provides core mechanics to wrap your world around.


Lightning-Fast Character Generation: start playing immediately

Player Advice: in the shape of a lamp

43 Gonzo Science Fantasy Player Races: Technicolor Humans rub elbows with Sharklings and Gargoyles

72 Player Failed Careers: Space Pilots bewilder Astrologers and Cowboys

Fast, Decisive Combat: fits on one page

Death and Dismemberment tables: remind your players that a fair fight is a lost fight

Magic fueled by Wizard Teeth: spiral inevitably toward Doom

Simple, Robust Hexcrawl Rules

Simple, Realistic Orbital Travel Rules: travel from Moon to Moon (to “Moonhop,” if you will)

Hireling Rules: support for large squads

Mech Rules: for Cathedral-Sized Constructs

Price: $2.99
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