Hamlet of Aelder’s Ferry

Hamlet of Aelder’s Ferry
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Hamlet of Aelder’s Ferry

Publisher: Foreign Worlds Cartography

Adventure awaits! Welcome to the busy hamlet of Aelder’s Ferry, the northernmost outpost of civilization you will find in the Barony of Moonpike. Further north, only lonely farmsteads, old barrows, and the endless expanses of the Auldenweald await, and with it the temptation of Alvae ruins and treasure. While only a few dozen souls might call Aelder’s Ferry their home, it is a lively – and wealthy – place where it may be easy to make a coin of ten, courtesy of the titular ferry and the King’s Road it links to on the other bank of the River Vallamar. But the call of gold also always draws the attention of less than reputable company, and before you get the chance to take a rest in the Leaping Trout Tavern after a day of hard travel, you find yourself beset by an attack from river bandits trying to storm the ferry…
With Aelder’s Ferry you get access to my first detailed village that comes with a set of detailed adventure hooks that you can use in your games, either as short stand-alone adventures, or as setups for larger campaigns.
The map is available with and without grids, with and without labels, and as a printer-friendly grayscale version.

This map is for non-commercial use only. Should you want to use it in a commercial context, please contact me at mail@foreignworlds.net and we can work something out.Price: $1.99
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