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Publisher: FrostByte Books
Explore the Unknown 
Elevation was a proud organisation of brave explorers, seeking new worlds and alien species.
Now, 40 years later, its founder has been lost in space. Funds dwindle, outdated equipment falls apart and Elevation’s few remaining starships barely work.
But a small team of die-hard explorers refuse to give up. The search for new aliens ready to join the galactic community is much too important to leave to shady corporations and criminals.
Elevation is a campaign and setting book for M-SPACE. It contains three scenarios and a detailed subsector with descriptions of worlds, locations, technologies and powers.
Contents include:
Three scenarios forming an exploration campaign
Technology, key personnel and driving forces behind the organisation called Elevation 
Seven major alien species and their home worlds 
Details of the five most powerful organisations: Merchant’s Guild, CypherCorp, Krayson Industries, The Order of Science, The Table of Avalon and The Pirate Confederacy 
Several locations, like Elevation’s HQ and the lawless Barterdome, ready for use in scenarios 
New technology, vehicles and starships for explorers 
50 scenario hooks that are easy to expand into new adventures

Extensive chapter of NPCs 
Notes for the Game Master on how to run successful exploration campaigns


Two free PDFs that accompany Elevation are also available:
Introductory scenario The Triton Incident. 
Player’s kit Field Operations Training Manual.
M-SPACE is needed to make full use of the book, but is compatible with most d100 games.
Price: $9.30
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