Druid Enclave (Pathfinder)

Publisher: Infinium Game StudiosA copy of the FlexTale Encounter Generator is strongly recommended to use this tome.  Thankfully, a PDF version is automatically included with Druid Enclave!
The Druid Enclave is a walled compound situated amidst a magical forest filled with all manner of creatures and monsters.  Within is a complex city-setting spanning multiple, sprawling, underground levels.
Druid Enclave is a massive city-setting rich with intrigue, side quests, and a shadowy over-arching plot that ties into the events of Dark Obelisk 2: The Mondarian Elective mega-adventure. 
Druid Enclave may be used on its own, or as a precursor or suffix to Dark Obelisk 2.
Although set in the rich, new world of Aquilae, the adventure is seamlessly adaptable to place within any existing campaign setting.  Its contents scale to PCs of any class level and difficulty.
This mega-setting consists of more than 150 highly-detailed, full-color maps, describing the city itself and 4 underground levels rich with secret caverns, private chambers, long-lost caches, and treasures. 
Also included are detailed descriptions, backstories, and Quests for 28 Factions, 30 Dramatis Personae, 43 common characters, and more than 300 complete and richly-detailed NPC statblocks allowing use with PCs of any level.
Also featured:
43 Quests–one for most Factions and nearly every of the 30 main characters.
Dozens of Rumors and Lore spanning the city, its history, its characters, its leadership, political secrets, and sprawling across the Realm entire.
Conversation trees for dozens of NPCs.
Much, much more!
This adventure incorporates several innovative and creative tools your gaming group can use to use the content for a party of any size, and any level.  These approaches also enable a great deal of flexibility in portraying richly-detailed NPCs, and tracking interactions with them.

Infinium Game Studio has released several free booklets as rules accessories to help GMs understand (or to help prospective buyers experience) these tools:

Attitude Trackers:

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Quadded Statblocks for Variable Challenge:

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Reward Stars:

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Attitude Trackers for Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte:

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Druid Enclave (Pathfinder)

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