Big Trouble Setting Guide and Rules

Publisher: B Drone Games

Welcome to the world of Big Trouble, where small heroes have gigantic adventures. Big Trouble is a new setting for the Hero Kids Rule set. Big Trouble takes place in a world where the heroes must face the dangers that go along with being the size of an action figure, as well as an unknown Dark Power which seems to be pulling the strings.

This pdf covers the differences between playing Big Trouble and Hero Kids. Which include new skills, expanded inventory, searching for items, crafting attribute and more. This pdf consists of:

Setting Guide and Rules book

8 hero cards,
12 monster cards,
paper minis for all heroes and monsters,
inventory and crafting cards.

Also includes printer friendly version.

Requires the Hero Kids Fantasy RPG from Hero Forge games to play.Price: $3.99
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Big Trouble Setting Guide and Rules

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