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Publisher: Severed BooksThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Beneath Character Sheet – Fillable PDFRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF Fillable character sheet. This has a stress table that is unique to the campaign….Beneath fillable PDF stress tableRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF This fillable PDF will help the GM track the stress of up to 8 PCs. The descriptions and conditions of stress are explained in Beneath, the Inverted Church….Beneath, Player’s Handbook 1.1Regular price: $6.66Bundle price: $2.99Format: Watermarked PDF “I’ve never seen anything like this on an RPG level and I think it’s f*cking awesome.”    Full Metal RPG podcast    The official player’s handbook for the Beneath series. This guide has:

A full weapons list
provides maps of Craglee and the overall land
a list of “the missing people of CragLee”
an index of CragLee and what you do there
NPC  illustrations and stats from The Inverted Church

It also has a new (not included in the main campaign book) 50+ page side quest full of maps, loot, and insane NPCs. The random dungeon generator on the back of the book mimics the Dungeon Dealer card system. This is a key mechanic in the side quest. You can also use Dungeon Dealer cards to generate random hallways –that’s probably the mos…Beneath, the Complete Campaign – Revised EditionRegular price: $14.99Bundle price: $9.99Format: Watermarked PDF Revised edition – 600 page hardcover that includes Beneath, the Inverted Church (book 1), Beneath, the Spire and the Sound (book 2), and the monster manual Pleasures & Pestilence. 

Over 70 maps
Over 130 illustrations by Justin Sirois and Scott Buoncristano
Over 100 hours long
1D100 abominations to battle inside The Invert
Random maze generator to create endless hallways, enemies, and loot

“Beneath challenges the conventional idea of the ‘Dungeon crawl’ in so many ways and succeeds in them all. It is radical yet well crafted, it is shocking yet thought provoking, it is familiar yet intensly Alien. If roleplaying is a Tree with all the various games and genres spreading …Campaign NotebookRegular price: $4.99Bundle price: $1.99Format: Watermarked PDF Campaing Spell Book also available. 
Over 500 fillable fields in the interactive PDF.
*** Make sure you have the PDF titled “NOmarks” with no watermark so it is fillable. ***
“My physical books arrived yesterday, which was pretty amazing. Thanks, they’re all I wanted, and more!”  — Mike (Kickstarter backer)
“Got my Book. Nice quality, should have opted for another for cheaper price. LoL.”  — Matt (Kickstarter backer)
Kickstarted with over 400 backers.

FOR PLAYERS: Are you a player that likes to take detailed notes of the great campaign your GM is running? Do you like to write down key NPC names or make sure you know the nuances of your spells? Maybe you want a cool documentation of the amazing time you’re having with your friends. 
FOR CREATORS: …Renegade Crit Damage DiceRegular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF Cut out these 12 .5″ squares to create 2 critical damage dice. Turn any old crappy D6 into a damage die with a little glue. Seal with your prefered medium for durability.
You can also print these on sticker paper / labels.
More at…Renegade Dungeon DiceRegular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF Cut out these 42 .5″ squares to create seven dungeon dice. Turn any old crappy D6 into a dungeon dice with a little glue. Seal with your prefered medium for durability.
You can also print these on sticker paper / labels….Total value:$28.62Special bundle price:$14.97Savings of:$13.65 (48%)Price: $28.62
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