100 Landmarks for a Fantasy Setting

Publisher: Azukail GamesWhen travelling through the countryside, whether wilderness or civilised realms, characters can either have an uneventful journey, or they could have some encounters. This is a collection of 100 different landmarks that could be encountered in a fantasy setting. Each landmark has a name by which it will be known locally and some details of what it is.These landmarks are features that are often large and have been around for many years, typically centuries at least or even longer than civilisation. They may be odd, possess unusual features or simply spark curiosity. They may be used by a GameMaster to simply enliven a journey, or as a potential source of adventure hooks.This PDF supports Adobe layers and the page backgrounds and images can be disabled to make printing easier.Here are some sample results:
Fool’s Tower: A golden tower 100’ high. From a distance it appears as if the tower has been constructed from golden stones. On closer examination, it can be discovered that the stones are actually fool’s gold. There are many gouges and chips where creatures have removed pieces of the tower, thinking that they were genuine gold.
The Footprints of the Gods: Pressed into the rock are several enormous footprints. The feet that made the marks were bare and from something larger than any known giant or titan. The prints have been there a very long time, perhaps since before the rock became rock, and water pools inside them.
The Forest of Bells: This pine forest can be heard from a distance, as a pleasant chiming fills the air. The cones that grow on the trees, and they are living cones, chime gently in the wind, a peculiar effect that ceases if they are harvested, and many have tried and failed to harvest the chiming cones.
The Forever Maze: A hedge maze, growing far from any civilisation. The maze is complicated, and easy to get lost in, plus the hedges prove impossible to push through and attempting to fly over the maze results in flyers falling from the sky. The hedges are always perfectly manicured and the paths are well kept and free of debris, yet none have ever been seen working on maintaining the maze.
Forgotten Shrine of the Horned King: A stone shrine almost completely overgrown with creepers standing deep within the wildest part of the wood. The shrine is to the Horned King and, on certain nights of the year, the Wild Hunt can be heard in the area. Some who hear the Hunt are never seen again.
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100 Landmarks for a Fantasy Setting

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