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Publisher: CZRPGWyrm Lake is a 5e supplement which aims to help you save prep time and impress your players.
This product offers you a ready-to-use location, which you can drop in any setting, along with detailed encounters that can become an daventure. All of this supported by maps, to complement your game without the need to prepare. 
Wyrm Lake is a region in which the properous, yet small town of Lifeden is located. Recently, a massive and mystical dragon has been sighted around Mount Crimson and the populace now worries about the situation. What they don’t know is that the dragon is an illusion created by the town’s healer, who is a dragon herself. She uncovered an imminent attack from orcs and goblins and was gravely wounded when confronting the army. She’s now using all her remaining strength to keep the enemies at bay. Can your party help the people of Lifeden? 
Here’s a summary of what you get in this product:
19-pages PDF gorgeously laid out with amazing artwork
1 location with lore
3 detailed encounters that can become an adventure (4-6h of gameplay)
3 new stat block
1 custom artwork
3 battlemaps with ~35 versions (night, rain, etc)
1 regional map This content was part of June’s content for CZRPG’s Patreon, and the maps were done by Jeremy Kimberling, from MimicMaps.
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Layout & Maps Preview
The Full-Size Preview contains the entire product, but here’s a peek if you don’t want to wait for the PDF to load.

Price: $9.99
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