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Valley to the Frontline

Publisher: DramaScapeValley to the Frontline

DramaScape Modern Volume 81

This is a 48 x 30 inch Battlemap of a Winter RailWay through a Valley, it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play.
“No sign of the enemy but remain vigilant. This canyon offers plenty of places to hide for an ambush.” —Staff Sergeant “Ernie” Earnest
 Valley to the Frontline is a single level exterior map of a valley with a trail, narrow stream, and narrow gauge railway cutting through a valley with cliffs to the northwest and southeast. Snow-covered coniferous trees grow sparsely on the snow-covered plains, more often in the hills and southeast cliff, and cover the higher elevation cliffs in the northwest. There are ruins on a center hill and in the southeast.
Snow covers almost everything with a few exceptions. The trail is freshly plowed. The railway was recently made. The buildings were recently destroyed as if by explosions or bombing leaving them in tattered ruins.
 Valley to the Frontline is intended for use in modern games.
This map could be used in a western game. The original prospectors could have been blown up in their buildings by dynamite and the claim jumpers have built a narrow gauge railway to bring mining carts to the prospectors’ mine.
 Adventure hook for use with this map:
 March to the Trenches: The players are playing as a group of World War I doughboys making their way to the frontlines while guarding a supply train headed to the trenches. The buildings in the area have been destroyed by grenades possibly thrown by biplane fighters from above.
The train is forced to stop in this valley due to rocky debris blocking the tracks (see the cover). The group needs to clear the debris from the railway to continue. But as soon as they try to remove the rubble, they come under attack from a hidden German sniper and are forced to use the train for cover…

Price: $3.99
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