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Unseen Strings – the 3rd Book of Factions

Publisher: True Mask GamesWelcome to “Unseen Strings”, a collection of factions and groups of NPCs, ready to be dropped into your world!

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“Conflict is the driving force of every story. The best conflict comes from a clash between dangerous factions: groups of NPCs that your players will love or love to hate.”
Unseen Strings gives you all the tools and support you need to create interesting factions for your very own game. No matter if you are looking for ideas about knight orders, criminal gangs, wizard circles, religious cults, space pirates, ruthless political parties, faceless corporations or alien invasion forces, this book will give you many ideas for all of them!

The first three chapters of this book are all about the creation of factions: what they are, why they are of great importance to all RPGs, how to create them and, most importantly, how to use them in your game and at your table. “Unseen Strings” introduces a number of building blocks that every well fleshed-out faction needs to come truly alive and an important part of your RPG. We also talk about faction theory: the basic ideas behind the very creation of a faction.
The fourth and final chapter of the book introduces twenty fully fleshed out factions that you can directly grab and add to your game. These factions are system and setting agnostic. While they have been created with a fantasy – RPG in mind many of them can be changed swiftly and easily to fit into historical, horror, modern, sci–fi or many other types of games. Our twenty factions are very diverse: some walk brazenly in the light, displaying their powers. Others hide in the shadows, weaving strings of plot and intrigue. They are religious cults, arcane gatherings, merchant conglomerates, military groups, criminal gangs and much more. Meet the Wraithblades, a powerful crime family led by the tyrannical spirits of their ancestors! Discover the secrets of the Order of the Final Gate, a group of monks obsessed with gathering the last words of the dying. Cross blades with the Sons of War, who only feel truly alive in moments of great danger. Plus 17 other factions! Each of these factions includes a large amount of background information about its history, goals and methods, but it also comes with several NPC members that your players can interact with, rumours about the faction that they can hear about and even several plothooks to drop the faction straight into your game!
Depending on the moralities and decisions of your players all of these factions could become allies, enemies or anything in between. There is of course also the possibility that one or more of your heroes will want to join a faction! We have included ways of doing that as well. With this strong group of diverse organisations at your disposal and a strong grasp on the tools to create your own factions you will never again need to hesitate! Conflict is coming to your RPG world! Embrace it!”Unseen Strings” is the third book of our faction series! “Invisible Hands” gives you twenty more fully fleshed – out factions, while “Pawns in a Greater Game” adds an in-depth rule system, allowing you to play as a whole faction instead of an inidividual character!

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