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{The Sapphire Lounge}{Fantasy Battlemap Pack} 40×30

Publisher: BeatrixRae CartographyHello Adventurers!!
Creeping down the stairs in the old Branson Estate, your eyes meet with a bright blue light, at the base of the stairs. When you step closer, you also can feel the warmth of the room already. Seemingly odd, especially, since you’re currently in the lowest part of the manor.
As you proceed down the steps, it’s then your eyes explore the room before you. The room has a musty feel to it, as though you’re in a library, but cozier. Two large oak tables stand on either side of you, carrying dozens of books, some old and new, with candelabras lighting the pages below them.
The walls themselves are filled with ancient knowledge, from information on the most secluded parts of this Realm to written memories of the residents who once lived here. At the base of the bookcases; lies large bouquets of fresh flowers that were cut from the gardens, this morning.
But what catches your attention the most is the roaring sapphire flames that escape the grand fireplace before you. Its dancing light entrances you like a moth drawn to the flame.
Before you know it, you’re sitting on the velvet sofa, pouring yourself a cup of chamomile tea with a book in your hand, and soaking in the atmosphere of your new favorite room in the manor.
What’s included in this map pack:
-You’ll receive this 40×30 map in 2K and 4K resolution images, in both Gridded and Gridless formats.

The Sapphire Lounge Map Preview:

{BeatrixRae Cartography
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