The Red Wyvern Inn

Publisher: Tacitus Publishing“Welcome.  Have a seat,” a gruff voice greets you as you pass through the threshold of the Red Wyvern Inn.  “What’s your pleasure?  An ale?  Some elven wine?  Or, ya looking for a job?”
The Red Wyvern Inn is home to Castiel’s Adventurer’s Guild.  People and organizations request the guild’s services on a regular basis, to handle the difficult tasks they need assistance with or those they wish to avoid. 
This supplement offers the trope starting location for any new campaign… the ‘Inn’.  Inside you will find maps, the people, and a menu for your eating and drinking pleasure.  If you were looking for a way to begin a campaign or needing a location that you can offer short missions, this is your quick and convenient answer.Price: $1.99
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The Red Wyvern Inn

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