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The Oracle Issue 25

Publisher: The Grinning FrogThe Oracle Issue 25 Dungeon Delving
July 2022 Issue, 60 pages
Dungeon Delving Theme    
Do you remember the good old days of 1st edition where everyone had maybe 6 hit points if they were lucky and the mage pretty much had one spell they’d cast and then they’d throw rocks from the back of the party for the rest of the adventure? Or are you a child of the 5e generation and heard the tales? Well, we drawing down on the classic ’70s dungeon crawl and putting a 5e spin on it. This issue is chock full of content. Have a look at the list below and check out the preview.  
This is a fully illustrated fantasy RPG magazine with 5e compatible and system-neutral content so it fits for ANY fantasy RPG game system. Designed in a modern landscape format this is chock full of ideas for you as a Dungeon Master or Games Master.
This month we bring you, in one fully illustrated PDF the following system-neutral Fantasy RPG material:
Dungeon Delving ‘70s style 5 – 10
Twin Cherub Puzzle 8

Camaleo Drakes (new creature) 10
Wandering Monsters by Level 11-12
Gear new and old for the wise delver 13 – 18
Add some beauty to the depths
Dreary Dungeons? 19 – 23
Doors. Decorations 20
Lights, Walls 21
Floors, Ceilings 22
Atmosphere, Sounds 23

Sculpt Me a Vision 24 – 26
Come with me if you want to live 27 – 28
What to do when you trigger the trap 29 – 32
Obsidian Slime (new creature) 33
Delving NPCs
Budiwati, Navigator 35
Edmund of Yark, Underguide 36
Callum, Poet-Explorer 37
Master Roofus, Delver 38
Aniya, Underthief 39

Shannon’s Fall – 5e compatible Adventure 41 – 52
Diseased Giant Rat stat block 44
Pink Ooze stat block 45
Poltergeist stat block 46
Gobblesnout NPC stat block 48
Rusterning Spider stat block 49
Klacto stat block 52

Outlined locations for you to build upon, Dungeons of Fame 53 – 54
Game Advice, What about the roleplay? 55
Funny Traps 56
Picture prompt, A woman with a bow in a dungeon 57
Fully Illustrated
Have a look at the quick preview and you will see the great range of images inside!
Professionally Edited
Our editor is Jane Spencer, a qualified editor and proofreader with over two decades of editing, publishing and literary project management experience. (She’s also an RPG gamer and a lovely person!) And last, but not least, we are ably assisted by a number of player testers, content providers and technical advisers.
Modern Format
Created in a modern landscape format making it idea for reading on tablets, laptops and smart phones.
100% Guarantee
We have every confidence that any fantasy RPG fan reading the magazine will find it both entertaining and useful. However, if we’ve gotten that wrong, if you find that it is neither entertaining nor useful – then we will give you your money back without any fuss, argument or hassle.
You can’t say fairer than that can you?
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Price: $8.53
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