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The Noble Wild [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
In honor of game designer Lee Garvin, who died June 28, Skirmisher Publishing is giving away copies of the three books of his that we published. This very special bundle contains both the Pathfinder and OGL editions of the bestselling and ENnie-nominated Noble Wild and the affiliated “Updated Animal Familiars” for a token price of just 3¢. We hope you will take the opportunity to get to know their great and funny author and will tell others about it as well. 

The Noble WildRegular price: $9.99Bundle price: $0.01Format: PDF
A 2008 ENnie Award Nominee! This exciting book introduces comprehensive rules for playing intelligent animals in a wide variety of game settings and situations. It will be popular with everyone from groups that want to try all-animal or mixed animal/humanoid parties, to players who want to expand the options for their animal companions and familiars, to game masters who are looking for interesting and unexpected foes to run against their players. Features of this “Animal Player’s Handbook” include: Statistics for more than 60 playable species of noble animal; Modifications and additions to existing classes, skills, and feats appropriate to animal characters; A new basic character class, the Greater Familiar; Eight new Prestige Classes, including the Man-Eater a…

The Noble Wild: An Animal Player’s Handbook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games (Pathfinder Edition)Regular price: $9.99Bundle price: $0.01Format: PDF
… and so, we tracked the evil necromancer Marrowglass through uncharted wilderness and over treacherous mountains, attempting to right the wrongs that were done in his name. We did bloody battle with his minions, losing not a few comrades along the way. We found his stronghold and stormed it in righteous fury. We clashed with the foul wizard in a battle that will live in song long after we fade from this world. We vanquished the villain through our might and our craft … And then we ate him. Welcome to the Noble Wild! Take a look at fantasy adventure from a new perspective. Living secretly alongside the humans, elves, dwarves, and even orcs, Noble Animals are descended from god-touched bloodlines, capable of accomplishing amazing things. The Pathfinder edition of th…

Updated Animal Familiars: An OGL Supplement Inspired by ‘The Noble Wild’ Animal Player’s HandbookRegular price: $1.99Bundle price: $0.01Format: PDF
This booklet is dedicated to expanding the options for familiars available to arcane spellcasters like Sorcerors and Wizards and is inspired by a number of the concepts introduced in Skirmisher Publishing LLC’s ENnie-nominated The Noble Wild. This book, an “Animal Player’s Handbook,” presents a detailed system for incorporating viable animal characters into a either traditional or animal-oriented OGL campaign. Some of the material in this publication was developed as addenda to The Noble Wild and some of it appears in the current edition of that book. Collectively, however, this material has applications that can be applied outside of the system presented in The Noble Wild. And so, we have created Updated Animal Familiars as a means bo…

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