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The Great Young Ones

Publisher: Manic Cow Publications

Welcome to Camp Evergreen! Make sure you fill out the Getting To Know Our Campers so your counselors can get to know you! Then find your cabin, pick your bunks, and head over to the Amphitheater for the opening night fireside!
The Great Young Ones is a summer camp themed table-top RPG built on the Density system in which you take on the role of a young eldritch horror, the dark spawn of a cosmic entity, attending a summer camp with your peers. Together with the bunkmates in your cabin you will strive to win the camp Cabin Cup against the members of another cabin. You will row, you will hike, through tug-of-war and basket weaving, you will improve yourself or prank the other cabin into submission to prove you are the greatest young cosmic entities in the galaxy! So go make some memories, enjoy the wide outdoors, and try not to let the bugs bother you!

Price: $2.00
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