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The Crucified Man

Publisher: Escelion Games

A group of adventurers are brought into the final act of an ancient mystery – an old man with ancient regrets seeking their aid to undo the tragic missteps of his youth. A long imprisoned menace in now loose in he world, and the party are asked to hunt it down and destroy it, ending the old man’s nightmares of The Crucified Man.
This adventure takes a party of adventurers into an invesigation in an urban metropolis, where a serial killer known as The Crucifier has been killing for decades. The party must search and uncover clues to the location of the ancient terror using what they learn to track i to its lair, and face not only the danger there but the threat of those who defend it.
Designed to be setting and systemneutral, this adventure module put the players in the roles of investigators on the trail of a brutal serial killer. It provides the narrative and the clues for a party of players to uncover, but is presented without rules so that you can use this narrative in any setting, with any tabletop roleplaying game system.

Price: $5.10
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