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Summer Myth Hunt

Publisher: Ultima Vela

You come from the vast world below, the underworld.You come to the upper-world because it is summer camp season, when the young gather around the fire to tell stories.And you know what escapes their minds when they tell their stories.It may just be a game for them, but you know what dances in the flames in front of their eyes, it is the substance of Myths and magic, Imaginarium.You will belong to one of the four alliances, these define the reasons why you hunt Myths.You will use your Imaginarium to empower your trinkets with magic.You will preserve Myths and unleash them when you need their help.You will be an outsider in a strange world, trying not to get caught.Now go, hunt Myths, collect Imaginarium, the season is on!

Summer Myth Hunt is a PocketQuest game.
Price: $2.90
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