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Space Cargo [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Fishwife Games
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

100 Bits of Space JunkRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 Bits of Space Junk Orbiting around dead planets and exploited asteroid fields is an endless array of discarded debris and the wreckage of past galactic wars. What’s in all that mess though? Grab this chart and find out! This handy 100 list is also useful when determining some of the contents of space port salvage yard heaps….

100 Customer Types for Spaceport BarsRegular price: $0.75Bundle price: $0.45Format: Watermarked PDF
100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars What sort of characters lurk about in that crowded, noisy spaceport bar? Roll the percentile dice and find out! Sample rolls from the list: 01- Agritech farmer 25- Drug addict 50- Media personality 75- Science officer 99- Xeno-slaver Author: Dave Woodrum Page Count: 1 page….

100 Names For Alien Characters and Their Meanings, Set 1Regular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: Watermarked PDF
100 Names For Alien Characters and Their Meanings, Set 1 Need some quick names for that alien dock worker, mysterious encounter at a space port bar, pointy eared crew member, etc.? Just roll your percentile dice and consult the below chart. In addition to the name of the alien character you will also learn the meaning behind the name. Sample Rolls: 1. Aalkuwon (Sleeping thinker) 15. Donjaya (Keeper of spices) 25. Elja (Balance) 30. Ikalam (Scientist) 45. Paol-Shuka (Dances amongst stars) 50. Punka-Falzu (Brash thief) 60. Rejulla (Wise one) 75. Syru-Kunka (Educated one) 90. Wi-Galadaff (One who thinks often) 100. Yunfo (Foolish one)…

100 Names For Star ShipsRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: Watermarked PDF
100 Names For Star Ships Need a quick name for an incoming star ship? Just roll the percentile dice! Sample rolls from the list: 01- Unlawful Tax 25- Chiller 50- Vile Hatred 75- Drifting Zombie 00- The Zealot Author: Dave Woodrum Page Count: 1 page….

100 Overheard Space Port ChatterRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 OVERHEARD SPACE PORT CHATTER So the explorers are hanging out at a busy space port… most likely one of the seedier bars… and they hear a bunch of chatter around them. Some things are day to day conversation, while other bits of audible noise could be clues or potential adventure hooks. This chart provides the GM the advantage of being able to roll the percentile dice and come back with a snippet of dialogue should a character want to make a listen check….

100 Overheard Space Port Chatter 2Regular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 OVERHEARD SPACE PORT CHATTER 2 So the explorers are hanging out at a busy space port… most likely one of the seedier bars… and they hear a bunch of chatter around them. Some things are day to day conversation, while other bits of audible noise could be clues or potential adventure hooks. This chart provides the GM the advantage of being able to roll the percentile dice and come back with a snippet of dialogue should a character want to make a listen check. Combine this one with the first list for maximum random results!…

100 Seedy Starport EncountersRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 Seedy Starport Encounters Wandering through the streets, crowded hallways, and cramped businesses of dirty, seedy starports are an endless variety of encounters. Some are travelers from distant worlds while others are natives. This list provides a name for each encounter as well as a role and brief descriptive….

100 Space PrisonersRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: Watermarked PDF
10 Space Prisoners A chart of 100 different prisoners to fill up those prison ships with, or those prison worlds, or even those criminal loving space bars with. Each entry provides the criminal’s name, gender, and known/convicted crime(s)….

100 Space Prisoners: Cell Block 2Regular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: Watermarked PDF
100 Space Prisoners: Cell block 2: More prisoners to fill up those star port holding cells, space station jail units, bounty hunter transports, and hulking prison ships. Included in this 100 list is the prisoner’s name, gender, and crime. Simply roll the percentile dice and you are on your way to populating the galaxy with an assortment of incarcerated scumbags!…

100 Star Age Space ShipsRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 Star Age Space Ships This chart provides 100 different star age space ships. Included are the names of each ship as well as the ship type….

100 Star Port OccupantsRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 Star Port Occupants Crowding up the millions of star ports across the galaxy are untold individuals. Some are travelers, others are permanent residents. Who might the space faring characters run across during their visit to such a place? The possibilities, of course, are endless. To make things a little easier for the GM, however, there’s this 100 list. Each entry contains a name, a brief descriptive, and an individual’s role (often their occupation)….

100 Starport ScumRegular price: $0.90Bundle price: $0.54Format: Watermarked PDF
100 Starport Scum This simple 100 list is perfect for tossing out quick encounters for that shady starport visit. Included are the names of such encounters as well as their role….

100 Starship Salvage FindsRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 Starship Salvage Finds The air lock hisses and moans as the suited up characters enter the burning remains of the ruined spaceship. Contents from the cargo hold has spilled out into the passageway leading to the wasted command bridge. Lights blink on and off from few control panels and monitors still sap power from the failing reactor below. So what sort of junk can the characters salvage here? This list covers a variety of things, from ship components and assorted equipment to valuable cargo and bizarre junk. Some stuff is useful, some things are just weird….

100 Surface Thoughts (Star Age)Regular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
100 SURFACE THOUGHTS (STAR AGE) A handy chart for dealing with those space opera era mind readers! Have a psychic with mind reading abilities in your party? Is that character always wanting to know what anyone and everyone in the immediate area is thinking at any given moment? Well, coming up with stuff for the main NPCs of importance is easy… everyone else though, that’s a bit of a trick! This list contains a hundred different random thoughts for “everyone else”. Some thoughts are totally random and of little use while others might actually lead to little side adventures….

50 Motivators for Star Age CharactersRegular price: $0.75Bundle price: $0.45Format: PDF
50 Motivators for Star Age Characters Traveling amongst the stars of the galaxy can take a lot out of a person. Being a space explorer is a tough life, and it requires more than just physical endurance to keep going. A mindset is what is needed. But what drives a star age character per say? What is it that makes them want to jump from one end of the galaxy to the other? This list provides 50 motivators for the GM. Also good for a  player working to better define their character….

Escape From Rygos 4Regular price: $2.00Bundle price: $1.20Format: PDF
ESCAPE FROM RYGOS 4 A Complete Print And Play Board Game Adventure Through a series of rather scandalous events you’ve managed to get your self convicted for a handful of crimes and sentenced to exile on prison world Rygos 4. After evading various hostile elements and encounters for several days you managed to find two things to remedy your situation. The first is an isolated cave that no one else seems to know about. Dry and free of hazards this cave has allowed you some much needed rest. The second discovery of interest is a crashed space ship partially covered by lush vegetation. Though little more than a battered hull in its current state, this wrecked vessel appears to be suitable enough if you can just find the right parts to get it going again. Oh, yeah… you’ll need to gather u…

Floating Stardrive [Sci Fi Theme Score Music]Regular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: MP3 File
Floating Stardrive Musical Artist: Tree Dweller (aka David L. Woodrum Jr.) Run Time: 4 minutes, 17 seconds Floating Stardrive is a brief bit of instrumental theme music that sets the mood for the eerie emptiness of a deep space journey….

Moon Pond FrogsRegular price: $0.70Bundle price: $0.42Format: MP3 File
Moon Pond Frogs A funky, weird, trippy track that is good background music for that very strange space trip adventure. Yet another mix from Tree Dweller (aka Dave Woodrum Jr.)….

Nebula DreamingRegular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.30Format: MP3 File
Nebula Dreaming A nice ambient track for futuristic settings… mysterious and trippy!…

Orbital Relay [Sci-Fi/Tech Horror Background Music]Regular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: MP3 File
Orbital Relay Musical Artist: Tree Dweller (aka David L. Woodrum Jr.) Run Time: 4 minutes, 50 seconds “They say that there are ghosts in the machines… uploaded souls that call the rusty old sattelites home. This I know for a fact… for with each piece of retrieved I can sense their anguish, their regret… their evil.” Excellent score music for a cyberpunk, post modern, tech-horror, or general sci-fi role playing setting. Give it a listen before buying… ;)…

Random Planetary Colony RollerRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
RANDOM PLANETARY COLONY ROLLER Scattered across the colony worlds are assorted settlements, outposts, and bases. This random roller page allows a GM to quickly roll up information about random stations and colonies that the players might find. Here’s how to use this roller page: First roll up the name of the location by rolling for Name Part A, Name Part B, and Name Part C. Combine Pt A and Pt B and then attach to Pt C.  Next, Roll for the Community Focus and the descriptive Community Aspects. After that, get additional details by rolling for a Secondary Resource of interest and then a Nearby Landmark. Example Roll: Arwind Base (Observatory Center, Invasive Flora/Vermin Concerns), Secondary Resource: Wild Packs Of Riding Beasts, Nearby Landmark: Abandoned Military Station…

Random Rollers: Spaceport Bar PatronsRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
RANDOM ROLLER: SPACEPORT BAR PATRONS There’s an endless pool of characters huddled over drinks in the noisy bars of shady spaceports. Who just might you run into? This 1 page random roller has different charts to help the GM quickly flesh out basic details of different spacebar patrons. Included is a first name (using Name A and B charts combined), optional flashy last name (using Surname A and B charts combined), character role, demeanor, random detail, and drink of choice. Example rolled results: Akala Wingdancer (Orbital scrapper), demeanor: sullen, detail: looking for work, drink: Zerunian blue cognac Faldak (Science officer), demeanor: depressed, detail: cybernetically enhanced, drink: Dockman’s lager…

Random Spaceport RollerRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
RANDOM SPACEPORT ROLLER So you’re mapping out a shady port city for a space opera campaign and you are in need of some ideas? This product can help. The Random Spaceport Roller features a chart covering 50 possible locations that you can assign on a map… from a medical facility to a robot factory to an entertainment complex. In addition to this main chart is a chart that provides 20 different random descriptions/details about the location. There’s also a third chart that covers 20 possible interesting encounters that you can quickly drop in if needed….

Random Starship RollerRegular price: $1.00Bundle price: $0.60Format: PDF
RANDOM STARSHIP ROLLER This one page product features multiple charts for quickly rolling up details about a random starship that the characters might encounter. The first chart provides the ship’s type. After the type comes a two part chart that allows the GM to roll up the name of the ship by combining two components. Then another chart is provided for a possible condition related to the ship. The GM then determines the name of the pilot/captain using a two part chart. After the name is rolled up there is another chart for a general description of the captain/pilot. Finally, the page provides two charts for rolling up possible cargo that the ship might have. All of this is done with a 20 sided die. Here is an example of a random ship: Crimson Talon (Recon Vessel, Eccentric Navig…

Space Hauler’s CommoditiesRegular price: $1.75Bundle price: $1.05Format: PDF
SPACE HAULER COMMODITIES The galaxy is full on an endless amount of possible products to buy, from consumer goods to military to medical to industrial applications. Beyond these manufactured offerings are the raw commodities. Some commodities are good on their own while others are used to make more refined products. This product offers twenty different commodities that one might find on the ship of a space hauler. These items include a typical unit type and trade value as well as a description regarding their use, where the commodity comes from, and/or a bit of lore surrounding said commodity. These are not the typical looted items such as weapons, ammo, or first aid but rather the raw goods that are more likely to be resting in the cargo holds of a star freighter. Still, though not imme…

Space Stops: Spungo’s BarRegular price: $3.00Bundle price: $1.80Format: Watermarked PDF
Spungo’s Bar is the first of Space Stops, a series of detailed locations for star age, science fiction gaming. This particular establishment, like many of the planned series products, focuses upon the seedy underbelly of the greater galactic society. In Spungo’s Bar you will find a rough and rowdy spaceport bar full of wonderful scumbags for the characters to encounter. The surrounding atmosphere is as equally grimy and gaudy, from the flickering, static ridden images of holographic dancers to the offerings of high octane beverages, crummy junk food, foul smoke, loud, mediocre sounding music, and the occasional death threat. Setting Information The Space Stops series, Spungo’s Bar included, are designed to be set in a star age, “space opera” science fiction ge…

Wicked DesignsRegular price: $1.25Bundle price: $0.75Format: MP3 File
Wicked Designs (Horror/Techno-Horror Music Track) Long playing (over 10 minutes), disturbing music track for horror and technological evil type settings….

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