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Publisher: Starry Knight PressBEWARE CASTLE CRÓGA
An Introductory Adventure for Players Levels 1 to 3Intended for use with Most Fantasy Roleplaying Games
For the last fortnight, someone or “something” has been abducting the good folk of the village Yalla.The Sheriff has no leads until, unfortunately, his own son goes missing. His frantic search reveals a clue,for the boy was last seen headed up the hill to Castle Cróga, a haunted fortress just outside the village.The Sheriff has come to you, a group of local problem solvers, begging for help to rescue those taken.
Will you accept this quest and find yout missing friends and neighbours?

Greetings adventurers and Game Masters! 
I am excited to announce the release of the seventeenth book in my Old School Series of adventures, BEWARE CASTLE CRÓGA. In this scenario you players will take on the personae of a group of small town problem solvers who are approached by the village Sherriff, seeking their help in solving a local mystery. Several villagers have gone missing recently, including the Sheriff’s son. He believes the trail leads to an ancient castle which lies a few miles from the village, known as Castle Cróga. This abandoned fortification, the scene of a brutal invasion by Chaotic forces long ago, was his son’s last known destination. Surmising that his son and the others may have been taken by someone or “something” in the castle, and realizing this is beyond his ken and abilities, the Sheriff seeks to hire the players as “expert investigators”, to get to the bottom on the mystery and, hopefully, to bring his son and the other villagers safely back home. This hefty 60-page scenario is intended as an introductory adventure for 4 to 6 players of levels 1 to 3, and it offers GM’s a great way to begin a new Basic/BECMI campaign.
Synopsis: Strange things are occurring in the small village of Yalla. Locals have been vanishing without a trace for the last fortnight and the Sheriff has no idea where they are disappearing to. Now his own son is missing, and his frantic search has turned up a solid lead. The clues point to abduction by unknown forces operating out of a nearby abandoned castle, which most folk shun as cursed and haunted.
Will you players accept this quest and find the missing villagers?
The Map of Castle Cróga.

Cartography by Dyson Logos, as modified by Louis “sirlou” Kahn, all rights reserved.   
This adventure was written for use with Basic rulesets, but is sufficeintly generic to be compatible with most fantasy role-playing games (FRPG), and minimal statistics are included in the text of the adventure to keep it as generic as possible. Complete statistics blocks are included in the appendices for all foes presented in this adventure. This scenario also features a new cursed magiical item, The Wand of Illusory Missiles, as well as standard old world fare! Your purchase includes both a high-resolution PDF (20MB) of the book as well as a resource light screen-version (2.5MB), suitable for use on a laptop, tablet, phone or other moblie device at the gaming table!
PLUS with this purchase you also get a free copy of my 2022 Starry Knight Press Catalog, which has information on all of my modules and supplements, as well as maps of the known portions of my campaign world of Terrans, and bonus content (new monsters and magic items for OSR/5E) from my published books!
Louis “sirlou” Kahn Starry Knight PressJuly 2022Price: $7.50
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