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SoRoPlay GamTools Zine: American Football Ref

Publisher: Ken Wickham

Great for the new American Football season!

This 50-page issue is a American Football Reference (Ref).

From underdog to dynasties to incredible journeys to Friday night lights to varsity high school legends to national champions, American football stories and events inspire people, unite communities, and entertain millions across the US and Canada—and even Europe and Japan. The leagues NFL, NCAA, CFL, USFL, XFL, FCF, IFL, X-League, and EFL are some of the professional football leagues.

This even has a tool to help generate random adventure story scene synopsis or new dialogue based on interpreted results

Example of using the Grammar Fuel tool to generate story ideas or dialogue.

Noun. Roll 88 = star quarterback
Verb. Roll 41 = face an illness
Adjective. Roll 14 = cynical
Adverb. Roll 51 = indirectly
The team’s star quarterback was severely facing an illness. The cynical coach scoffed at the team’s second-string backup-quarterback. The coach indirectly, through body language, sent a message to the entire that the entire season was in doubt.

This issue features the following that is unique to this product:

3 pages of my completely original random tables were created for this book arranged by parts of speech.
1 pages of my version of definitions of related terms to help explain the basics.
13 pages ranking teams from different football leagues: NFL, NCAA, CFL, USFL, XFL, FCF, IFL, X-League, and EFL.
3 pages of 500 random team names/mascots
23 pages of a derived ranking by averaging several sources for novels/books (3 sources), movies (4 sources), and TV shows (3 sources), and video games (3 sources).

In this Issue

This PDF is illustrated with some images.

This PDF has the following sections and/or tables.

Is American Football a sport, entertainment, or both?
Grammar Fuel: American Football Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs. This includes 100 nouns, 100 verbs, 100 adjectives, and 100 adverbs to help inspire dialogue and/or stories.
Top American Football Books (137 core books, 172 ranked books, out of 172 listed books)
Top American Football Movies (208 core movies, 245 ranked movies, out of 245 listed movies)
Top American Football TV shows (31 core TV shows, 65 ranked TV shows, out of 65 listed TV shows)
Top American Football Video Games (78 core video games, 160 ranked video games, 160 listed video games)
Price: $3.99
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