Sönnerskog’s Black Dog – A Vaesen Mystery

Sönnerskog’s Black Dog – A Vaesen Mystery
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Sönnerskog’s Black Dog – A Vaesen Mystery

Publisher: Free League PublishingPlagued by nightmares, the Society travels to Halland, Sweden, where a village and noble family are plagued by the Black Dog. It is a mystery that harks back to the 18th century wars between Denmark and Sweden, and it may involve the last of the rebellious snaphaner.
Sönnerskog’s Black Dog is a mystery exploring the wars of the past between Denmark and Sweden. The mystery takes place in the region of Halland, Sweden, and drwas thread to a cosmopolitan Europe. It is played over 2-3 sessions.
The scenario bases itself on Danish 19th century beliefs about the Black Dog introduced in the Mythic Britain & Ireland supplement. The scenario can be used a introduction to mysteries and societies in Britain and Ireland. It can be used as a prequel to The Norwegian Songbird mystery and it hints at mysteries from the Rose House Expands supplement.
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