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Six-Six Psyclops (Tricube Tales One-Page RPG) aka 6.6.Psyclops

Publisher: Parade of HeroesWelcome to the glorious world of Tricube Tales! The Tricube Tales game system, developed by Richard Woolcock, uses 3 six-sided dice and one page of rules making it easy to learn. The system’s focus on story and flexibility allows for easy exploration of a wide variety of genres — including “Pulp Military”, the genre used for SiX-SIX PSYCLOPS!

In SiX-SIX PSYCLOPS, a.k.a. 6.6.Psyclops, you adopt the role of soldiers who fight for freedom (using their psychic powers and their military know-how) against the forces of JACKAL, a ruthless paramilitary organization determined to rule the world!
Just imagine all this in one page of rules, one page of adventures and two bonus pages of background:
Greetings, soldier. The person known only as Psyclops has pulled you from your battalion because you displayed the potential for PsiPowers. Psyclops, perhaps the world’s most renowned expert on psionic abilities, has identified six primary power sets: Cognition, Domination, Psybiotics, Telekinesis, Telemagry and Telepathy. You possess one of those power sets, and along with your military training, your developing psionic abilities will make you into the ultimate soldier.
After your training, you will join the team called 6.6.Psyclops. Your new, elite unit is charged with protecting the world from the forces of JACKAL, a ruthless, global paramilitary organization — not to mention threats unknown!SIX-SIX PSYCLOPS (aka 6.6.Psyclops) is a Tricube Tales setting where your military character also has psionic powers. You’re now under the command of Psyclops, and the missions ahead will take you arond the world!
SIX-SIX PSYCLOPS is an RPG title from PARADE OF HEROES. Be sure to keep an eye out for more! While you’re at it, pick up other Tricube Tales titles from the developer of the Tricube Tales system, Zadmar Games!

Question: Why is it called 6.6.Psyclops (or Six-Six Psyclops)? 
Answer: We got the name of the organization from how Tricube Tales uses multiple six-sided dice. The Psyclops part is named after the leader of the military unit, a person who has mastered PsiPowers. That person is only known as Psyclops. No other information is known about Psyclops. Psyclops never appears in person. Instead, they only appear as a floating eye. You can call the unit “The 6.6.P” for short!
Q: How many people are in 6.6.Psyclops? Is it a big battalion or a small unit?
A: That’s really up to the GM. However, we kind of imagine it as a force of at least 100 main agents, and 1000 support members. Nothing is written in stone though!
Q: How big is Jackal?
A: Jackal is a huge organization that operates across the globe. There are thousands of Jackal Dog Soldiers. The elite command group includes about 100 individuals. 
Q: What is SIX-SIX PSYCLOPS based on?
A: We see this Tricube Tales game as a mix of G.I. Joe and the X-Men, with a sprinkling of DreamScape, 80s Stephen King movies, the Dirty Dozen and Stranger Things. 
Q. Are PsiPowered characters more powerful than other humans?
A: Yes. But they aren’t much more powerful. A bullet or a laser-blast will still kill a PsiPowered person. 
Q. What government does the 6.6.P work for?
A: The answer to this is up to you! It can be your home country, the U.N. or some other organization. Just remember — you’re the good guys!Price: $0.50
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