Sector Archives

Publisher: Random Alien GamesSector Archives// Setting and Gamemaster prep material for Free Spacer
Setting. Contract. Preparation!
Free Spacer is a contemporary science fiction tabletop roleplaying game. It leverages the newest space sciences, takes into account biotechnology, and brings the internet to the rim of the quadrant.
This game is a sandbox that enables you to create your own setting and mange the ongoing Cold War in your own sector after the Exploration Wars.The Sector Archives is a booklet of prepared setting and campaign materials. It has everything you need to start your campaign with little additional prep.
Every archive includes setting materials, a beginning contract, and all the locations and characters you need to run those scenarios. Some have additional worlds, settlements, and contracts to help you take your campaign to the next level.
Kickstarter stretch goal
The Sector Archives were a stretch goal for the Free Spacer Kickstarter, which was successful on September 18, 2018
There are two versions of the Sector Archive. The first is for you as a player; it has all the setting information and player prep for you to play the game, make your ship together, and commission your crewmember. This is the version available to print on demand; use it at the table as a player reference book. The second version is for you as the Gamemaster. On top of the player information, this version has setting secrets, information about the contract, and prep sheets for you to run the first contract.You will likely print out the prep you need from this using your home printer.Price: $10.00
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