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SE:20 Adventures: Flight of the Medusa

Publisher: Sundered Epoch: GenerationsFlight of the Medusa
In Dimension 19, a pregnant gorgon fled a hunter and hid in a cave. In the darkness she saw light and stumbled into the dimensional spider portal to our dimension.
But she was not the only one to come through. The Hunter was not far behind her. Now free in our dimension, the hunter resumes his search for the gorgon and is causing chaos along the way.
Adventure Starters are a starting point to introduce ideas, characters, and encounters and assist Narrators on fleshing out their own games. You will need to decide the best way to use the ideas in this book and tailor them to your game. 

The Sundered Epoch: d20 RPG System, or SE:20, is a role-playing game designed for the “action hero” style of fiction. It is a universal system and can be used in any timeline or setting.

Keep an eye out for:
SE:20 Core Rules SRD
SE:20 Magic & Powers SRD
SE:20 Nonhumans SRD

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