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Sci-Fi Sampler [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
This special 75% off promotional bundle product contains 10 science fiction titles that represent several Skirmisher Publishing product lines, including two system-free sourcebooks, Platinum-bestselling “100 Oddities for a Wasteland” and Gold-bestselling “USSMC FM 7-22: Space Boarding Operations”; a set of futuristic miniatures rules; three OGL system titles; two sets of Cardstock CharactersTM miniatures; a copy of the “Gebb” mini-comic; and an episode of the “d-Infinity Live” webcast.

100 Oddities for a WastelandRegular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.49Format: PDF
Welcome to 100 Oddities for a Wasteland, the sixth entry in the “Oddities” series of sourcebooks, each of which brings you 100 imaginative elements, curios, and details to add to your games, in whatever way you like.  Previous volumes in this series — including 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House, 100 Oddities for a Graveyard, 100 Oddities for a Thieves’ Guild, 100 Oddities for a Wizard’s Library, and 100 Oddities for a Wizard’s Tower — have tied in primarily with the fantasy and horror genres, and 100 Oddities for a Wasteland is the first to cross over into post-apocalyptic science fiction. It is thus ideal for adding a twist to encounters for Gamma World, Mutant Future, and many other modern, sci-fi, and post-apocalypt…

CQB: Futuristic Skirmish Miniatures RulesRegular price: $2.99Bundle price: $0.99Format: PDF
Welcome to CQB, a complete self-standing set of science fiction miniatures rules for depicting Close-Quarter Battle! Inspired by the combat actions of the United States Space Marine Corps and other units featured in Skirmisher Publishing’s popular and bestselling USMSC FM 7-22: Space Boarding Operations universal sourcebook, CQB replicates gritty, intense, close-quarter skirmishes fought on board starships, space stations, and industrial settings of Earth’s colonial worlds….

Creatures of the Wastelands: The Thrasher GangRegular price: $1.99Bundle price: $0.49Format: PDF
This set of 30mm downloadable miniatures has been designed to be suitable with any post-apocalyptic or science-fiction game in general and Skirmisher Publishing LLC’s licensed Mutant Future supplements in particular. These include Creatures of the Wastelands, Creatures of the Wastelands: Random Encounters, Creatures of the Wastelands: Mutational Evolution, and Creatures of the Wastelands: Habitats. This set includes nine full-color miniatures that can be printed out either in color or black-and-white on cardstock and full instructions for assembling them. It is part of Skirmisher’s Cardstock CharactersTM line of downloadable miniatures. “A had a few things going on it my head when I designed this mutant set,” said artist William T. Thrasher. “The first is som…

d-Infinity Live! Series 4, Episode 25: Post-Apocalyptic TVRegular price: $0.50Bundle price: $0.01Format: MP3 File
In the year 2525 the walking dead pursue the Highwayman across the ravaged planes of 3rd Earth, and that’s just the beginning! On this irradiated episode of “d-Infinity Live!” the crew gathers around the smoking remains of civilization to talk about their favorite post-apocalyptic TV shows and how they’ve influenced tabletop gaming.  “d-Infinity Live!” is a multi-platform, multi-publisher, weekly webcast that covers all aspects of tabletop and live-action RPGs, wargaming, conventions, and more. We welcome viewers to post questions on our weekly event pages on Facebook before the show, to listen live when our show streams each Thursday at 9 p.m. EST, and to view past shows at the d-Infinity Online website. And, if you are not able to join us live, you can now downl…

Gebb 01 – Shithole PlanetRegular price: $0.30Bundle price: $0.01Format: PDF
An extraterrestrial presence is real. They watch us strip-mine the planet to fuel the growth of populations and economies. Will they intervene to help us avert disaster?  And what’s with all the anal probes?  If there is a plan to avert disaster, the aliens operating out of a subterranean base in Antarctica didn’t get the memo. As much as they’d like to help, that’s not their job. Instead, they go through the motions at work and do what they can to find a hint of meaning in their otherwise monotonous lives. …

Morlocks (Cardstock Characters™)Regular price: $2.99Bundle price: $0.49Format: PDF
Before there were Orcs there were Morlocks, the original cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers created by science fiction genius H.G. Wells! These grim humanoids first appeared in the post-apocalyptic classic The Time Machine. This set of miniatures follows the author’s characterization of these creatures as cannibals, slavers, and the custodians of subterranean machinery and includes nine man-sized Morlocks, four juvenile Morlocks, and two large Morlock monstrosities, along with 10 weapon and equipment counters. These miniatures are designed to be compatible with other 25/30mm figures and can be printed out and assembled, as many times as desired. Two versions of each miniature are provided, one in full color and the other in black-and-white. H.G. Wells’ Morlocks

Mutant Race (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game)Regular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.49Format: PDF
Crawling out from the wreckage of nuclear, biological, and chemical warzones, created in the laboratories of misguided geniuses, and spawning in realms contaminated by wild magic, mutants are both a race unto themselves and no race at all. Viewed with a mixture of contempt and pity by members of more clearly defined species, mutants are united in desperation by the abnormalities which separate them from other humanoids. As diverse — if not more so — in form and outlook as other humanoids, mutants display the best and worst characteristics evolution has to offer. This title contains guidelines for playing the Mutant Race as characters and includes details on physical appearance, society, relations with other races, alignment a…

Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience ArtifactsRegular price: $4.99Bundle price: $0.54Format: PDF
With his second law, that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Arthur C. Clarke articulated a concept that could have been a shadowy undercurrent in the wider consciousness for centuries, possibly even millennia. All the items in this book were designed with two ideas in mind: they were created using Ancient technology so advanced that it seems like magic and they’ve gone through Hell since the apocalypse. Damaged, jury-rigged, infested with nanites and parasites, warped by energy, rebuilt by insane machines — these are the kinds of changes that make these artifacts dangerous, unpredictable, and, above all, unique. Quantum Flux contains 86 unique superscience artifacts suitable for use in any modern, sci-fi, or post-apoca…

Things That Go Bump in the SpaceshipRegular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.49Format: PDF
Humans have a tendency to make mistakes, sometimes ones that have far-reaching and unforeseen effects. In our history we have wiped out entire species, transported exotic animals to places they really do not belong, accidently spread disease across the globe, and created technologies that we can barely control. In the future, this trend will continue, for it is human to err, especially when doing so with the best of intentions. What humans do, one can expect other sapient species have also done in the vastness of explored space.  This publication contains three iconically creepy and dangerous alien lifeforms that can be inserted into any OGL games. On the one hand they are commentaries, as good sci-fi often is, on the dangers of technology either run amok or casually handled. …

USSMC FM 7-22: Space Boarding OperationsRegular price: $2.99Bundle price: $0.99Format: PDF
In 2089, the universe is a cold, dangerous place. It’s up to the U.S. Space Marine Corps to secure the safety and security of U.S. interests in outer space through cutting edge tactics, training, and an armory full of high-tech firepower. USSMC FM 7-22: Space Boarding Operations is a military-style field manual designed to read like an actual U.S. Space Marine Corps guide to boarding hostile spacecraft in 2089. Its author, Lt. Col. Oliver Cass, is an active-duty U.S. Army officer experienced in both real-world operations and manual writing. USSMC FM 7-22 is also the official publication of TerrorWerks, a heart-pounding live-action roleplaying experience. TerrorWerks players assume the roles of U.S. Space Marines, civilian engineers, and corporate execu…

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