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Publisher: Sanguine ProductionsThis special bundle product contains the following titles.IRONCLAW Omnibus: Squaring the CircleRegular price: $15.00Bundle price: $6.00Format: PDF The award winning, critically-acclaimed game is back! IRONCLAW is an exciting new edition of the classic role-playing game of anthropomorphic fantasy.
Experience Ironclaw’s rich and detailed world of Calabria, where dozens of species live together in sprawling cities and war-torn countryside. Kings broker for power with clergy, wizards, and merchants, each one struggling to conquer all they survey. Meanwhile, beneath the notice of the squabbling powers, lurk greedy robbers, cruel slavers, and dark necromancers who prey on the weak, the helpless, and the forgotten. It is a time for mighty warriors, for quick rogues, for clever wizards – a time for heroes!
Ironclaw’s unique system of dynamic combat allows players to work together to defeat enemies. Enjoy action sequences as fast-paced a…Ironclaw Legacy BundleRegular price: $17.97Bundle price: $7.19Format: Watermarked PDF This is the IRONCLAW Legacy bundle of products published for 1st edition (1999-2004). It includes the discontinued products of AVOIRDUPOIS, BISCLAVRET, DOLOREAUX, PHELAN, and RINALDI, as well as some supplementary materials.  For the current edition of this game, click here to see the “Squaring the Circle” edition.
Ironclaw Legacy was a role-playing game set at the cusp of a change in a fantasy world’s history. Dozens of different sentient races, cultures, and societies are converging upon the strategic island of Calabria. As a player, you would start with humble beginnings, only to become involved in machinations as each noble house vies for control. Which side would you take? Would you throw your dice with the Bisclavret, becoming a mercenary hoping for r…Ironclaw: Book of MysteriesRegular price: $8.97Bundle price: $3.59Format: Watermarked PDF Sometimes even the mindless lichen know when something unspeakable lurks nearby. From the secret Sacerdotal Priests who truck with magciks so secret, they might be branded heretic … to the Blessed whose power transcends life and death … and on to the mighty Druids, incomprehensible to outsiders yet still respected and feared … this Mysteries book unveils character upgrade options and new places for adventure, a great addition to any IRONCLAW campaign.
The Ironclaw Mysteries Book contains material too mysterious to have been seen anywhere else. Learn the ways of the Druids, spells to command respect and power in the wild wilderness. Understand the harmony of the Blessed Paths, where the power of the supernatural is unlimited … but it’s not what you want, it’s what you deserve to …ALBEDO: PLATINUM CATALYST + STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY [Legacy]Regular price: $14.95Bundle price: $5.98Format: Watermarked PDF The landmark series of anthropomorphic science-fiction, ALBEDO combines a universe of gritty military action with the exotic mystery of geneticall-engineered life forms. What could have been the promise of infinite diversity in infinite combinations becomes a drama of intrigue, conspiracy, tragedy, and war that will span several generations.
This complete volume combines both PLATINUM CATALYST (character creation in the space military) and STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY (expanded command-and-control and large-scale vehicle combat). Players take on the roles of military captains and attaches, responsible not just for themselves but for the safety of their underlings. You won’t be able to solve your problems all alone… but what risks are you willing to take? Featuring a unique system where you mu…BLEEDING EDGE: High-Tech Low-Life Role-PlayRegular price: $24.95Bundle price: $9.98Format: Watermarked PDF Fight the power, jam the culture, hack the system. The next generation in role-playing games, BLEEDING EDGE will help you create a character with the limitless potential of next-gen technology, yet weighted down with the legacy of greed, lies, and hate. Explore a future world of supercomputers and subcultures, of multinational corporations and micro-economies, of big ideas and little heroes.   Enhance your character with experimental gene-therapy, bionic limbs, and cybernetic senses. BLEEDING EDGE’s object-oriented rules keep the pace fast and the options open, where every roll of the dice leads to something new, where you and your friends can work together to turn a tragic failure into a miraculous success. What will you do, when the future catches up to you?
Explore the world …FARFLUNG Extension CardsRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF These extension cards will enhance your FARFLUNG experience.
Extensions are an optional rule that some players may want to use. When a character has an Extension, a new rule is in play for that character. They may have access to a new move. Or rolls they make have been changed in some way: they may be more random, more predictable, or just plain odd. Extensions may also have some story complication that can make your character’s life more difficult.
We recommend that you not use extensions until you and your fellow players have had some experience playing the game, as these rules make things more complicated. We also don’t recommend adding more than one extension per character. Mountains of mechanics multiply mistakes — if an extension is reducing the quality of your gaming expe…FARFLUNG Story Cards (set of 24)Regular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF These story cards will enhance your FARFLUNG experience. They will also work with any game, especially ones of speculative fiction.
Each card contains:

A Story point to help shape your needs and desires.
A Being to consider introducing as a new character.
A Goal to inspire a character to take action.
An Item to help or to hinder the story.
A Snag to use as a complication when things aren’t going to plan.
A Die in the lower-right corner, should you need a random number.

…FARFLUNG: Sci-Fi Role-Play After DarkRegular price: $19.95Bundle price: $7.98Format: Watermarked PDF
We are pleased that you have come here. Let us tell you about your Farflung experience. It is a tabletop game about the ends of the universe, where nothing has been undone and everything is permitted. You will be one of the heroes who rages against the dying of the star-light. From transhuman zetta-tech androids, to the bewildered time-traveler who came to see new wonders, down to the humble robot who yearns for freedom, the only limits are your imagination.
In a future where everything is possible, then what makes for an interesting story? Farflung introduces you to a world of challenges from the simplest of tasks to the most complex of emotions. When space, time, death, life, hate, love, and everything else have passed beyond binary meaning, we will show you the many n…Horror Stories: EldritchRegular price: $4.95Bundle price: $1.98Format: Watermarked PDF
Horror Stories is a story-telling role-playing game for one or more players. Each of you is trying to tell a story, but not the same story. Some of you want the characters to survive. The others… have other ideas.
Each card has an element of a story: atmosphere, location, character, theme, etc. You can only play a card if it has a symbol that can follow a previous one. Tell stories that slowly build on the horror … or use your purple prose cards for bizarre digressions, challenging the boundaries of rational thought.

Creative fun — after each play, add your own ideas of how the story is progressing
Good for RPGs — use the cards to inspire random encounters in your table-top role-playing games
Solo play — work around your writer’s block by letting the cards …Ironclaw Map of CalabriaRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF This is a large format map of Calabria, for use with your IRONCLAW games.
You can find more IRONCLAW by tapping this link:…IRONCLAW: Book of AdventuresRegular price: $11.97Bundle price: $4.79Format: PDF From nobles in grand castles to bishops in gilded churches … from the heights of castles and cathedrals to the forsaken desolation of the waste-lands … from the courts of diplomacy and reason to the depths of madness and malfeasance … The Book of Adventures adds seven new stories to tell in your IRONCLAW campaign. You will need the IRONCLAW Player’s Book or the Omnibus to play this game….IRONCLAW: Book of Horn & IvoryRegular price: $15.96Bundle price: $6.38Format: Watermarked PDF From the darkest jungles to glorious kingdoms, from barren deserts to shining oases, the lands of Akoma offer unknown riches with unknowable dangers. Mysterious star-gazers, miraculous alchemy, and the machines of war await anyone who dares trespass in these lands. But the promise of wealth and power brings fool and fortune-hunter alike.
Book of Horn & Ivory includes:

The strange continent of Akoma, with its various powers and nations, such as subjugated nation of the Deltan Valley, the war-torn city of Sagat, the brazen pirates of the Corsair Isles, and lots more in between.
New species to play such as zebras, paladins, owls, secretary birds, and pangolins, all illustrated in full color.
New careers, such as cunning Warlords, eager Sporsters, and mercenary Medjeys.
New m…IRONCLAW: Book of JadeRegular price: $11.97Bundle price: $4.79Format: Watermarked PDF Enter the land of Zhongguo, where Dragons, Qilings, and other creatures of legend live among Cats, Rats, Dogs, and dozens of other races … Where the Celestial Bureaucracy governs not only the Noble Houses of Earth, but also the Heaven Court and even the weather itself … Where evil lurks in forgotten places, and ambition stirs in the hearts of the greedy and the wrathful … Where masters of the mystic martial arts make impossible feats look effortless … Where wizards conjure forth balls of fire, bolts of lightning, thunderstorms, or even changes to fate itself … Where adventure can be found from the uncharted wilderness, to the Forbidden City of Mâjing, and all places in between. The Book of Jade expands your IRONCLAW campaign with new lands for adv…IRONCLAW: Book of MonstersRegular price: $14.95Bundle price: $5.98Format: Watermarked PDF From the darkest of the hillside thickets to the strangest of the blasted heaths come the monsters! Enfraughten your Ironclaw game with peril!
Book of Monsters adds:

Dozens of new monsters, all rated and organized by name (alphabetical, of course) and tier (of deadliness)
Environmental hazards, from the merely odd to the decidedly dangerous
New equipment made out of monsters
An introductory adventure

You will need either the Ironclaw Omnibus or the Player’s Book to use this supplement….Jadeclaw LegacyRegular price: $10.31Bundle price: $4.12Format: PDF + Donation This edition is the 2007 edition of Jadeclaw. The latest edition, revised and updated, is BOOK OF JADE, available at this link.
Revisit the world of Zhongguo, where Dragons and Phoenixes lived among Cats, Rats, Dogs, and dozens of other races … Where the Celestial Bureaucracy governed not only the Noble Houses of Earth, but also the Heaven Court and even the weather itself … Where evil lurked in forgotten places, and ambition stirs in the hearts of the greedy and the wrathful … Where masters of the mystic martial arts made impossible feats look effortless … Where wizards conjurde forth balls of fire, bolts of lightning, thunderstorms, or even changes to fate itself … Where adventure could be found from the uncharted wilderness, to the Forbidden City of…MADCAP Gimmick CardsRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Watermarked PDF
These cards are for use with MADCAP: SCREWBALL CARTOON ROLE-PLAY
Each card includes:

A Gimmick, an upside and a downside for your character. Some of them are General gimmicks (for use in any game), while others are specific to a genre (Medieval, Wild West, Sci-Fi, Teen Mystery, Horror, Cyberpunk). Pass these out to the players to let them choose which one they want to use!
A Snag to add a complication. Game masters can flip through the unused cards and pick one at random, to make life more interesting for our heroes.
A Die numbered 1 through 6, in case you left yours at home or something. Shuffle the cards and draw dice at random. Choose the winning lotto numbers! Predict stocks to buy! It’s unpredictable fun for the whole family!



 …MADCAP: Screwball Cartoon Role-PlayRegular price: $9.36Bundle price: $3.74Format: PDF + Donation

MADCAP is the role-playing game where you and your friends become wacky characters in a cartoon show that you create!

Simple rules that feed the fires of your fevered imagination. Choose a playbook, such as the know-it-all Smartypants, the devious Trickster, the meta-satirical Self-Aware, and the proverbial more!
Gimmicks to customize your character for any role, such as the beleaguered small-town sheriff, the hapless red-shirted space explorer, the incompetent wizard. Change options more frequently than you change underwear!
Amuse yourself as you build on your each other’s jokes, stack up the laughs, and (maybe) take a few lumps when your hare-brained schemes blow up in your face.
Sample adventures and campaigns to get you started! Bum around some two-bit tinsel-town whi…MagentaRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: Multiple File Formats MAGENTA, OPEN SOURCE MILITARY ROLE-PLAYING is designed from the ground up for roleplay in the social context of military culture and the explosive violence of modern war. The Magenta engine was first used in Sanguine’s critically-acclaimed RPG ALBEDO: Platinum Catalyst, and now it sees new life as open-source, Open Gaming Licence content. The document only contains the rules, and has no setting information.

Realistic combat rules, without action-movie exuberance. Status-based injury and morale keeps the accounting of combat simple and quick.
Chain of command, where players control both one Main Character and a retinue of Supporting Characters, so realistically (and mercilessly) dangerous combat won’t knock players out of the game.
Morale, as characters succumb not only to wounds, b…MYRIAD ALIENS – Even Stranger Options for Role-Play AdventureRegular price: $9.95Bundle price: $3.98Format: Watermarked PDF When the Syndics ruled over the 10,000 Worlds, their planets of choice were the most hospitable ones. Oxygen-rich atmosphere … moderate gravity … carbon-based life … all of these qualities were prized by the mysterious masters of the stars. But not every world is the same… After the fall of the Empire came the rise of the forgotten, the forsaken, and then forbidden. People of all kinds, from the modest to the formidable, from the ordinary to the extreme, from the understandable to the unknowable. This Aliens book adds 32 new options for playing even stranger creatures in your game of MYRIAD SONG. Some of the choices are simply exotic, like the scheming Serkai or the intellectual Nuderians. Other aliens cannot survive in common environments and must rely on special equipment to in…Myriad DoomRegular price: $13.95Bundle price: $5.58Format: PDF + Donation The exciting conclusion to the MYRIAD trilogy by acclaimed artist Matt Howarth!
Rhys is still tyring to track down the missing Syndic hardware, a difficult task with so many agencies after his head. And suddenly it’s too late! Capricious tinkering with the alien toys has triggered a DOOM that threatens our universe — and other realms! Enemies are forced into a dubious alliance… but can even they save the day?…Myriad QuestRegular price: $8.36Bundle price: $3.34Format: PDF Beyond the Furthest Stars, a Treasure Beyond Any Price
The alien masters of the Syndic ruled over the ten-thousand planets… until they were gone, leaving the Myriad Worlds to their own devices. Only the extremely brave or the terribly foolish would dare explore the mysteries that the Syndics left behind….
Rhys is a soldier, born to follow orders without question. Narli is an aristocrat, who knows no master but herself. They each have one piece to the puzzle, to find a lost treasure trove of technology abandoned by the Syndic Empire. But even if they can put their differences aside and work together, they will still have to survive the dangers of their MYRIAD QUEST.
Matt Howarth (Those Annoying Post Brothers, Savage Henry, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transmetropolitan) takes yo…MYRIAD SONG – AdventuresRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: PDF + Donation This is not a stand-alone game. You will need a copy of MYRIAD SONG to use this book.
From a night that flashed brighter than a dozen suns, to the darkest corners of a place twisted by unknowable forces … from a mechanized riot that threatens the lives of millions, to a criminal tragedy of a single poor soul. This book of adventures for MYRIAD SONG will take your campaigns to the frontiers of science and of imagination….MYRIAD SONG – Role-Play Adventure of Ten Thousand WorldsRegular price: $24.95Bundle price: $9.98Format: PDFMYRIAD SONG is a tribute to the New Wave of Science Fiction… to progressive rock and sci-fi comic books… to Rush, King Crimson, and Hawkwind … to Incal, Valerian, and Rourke… to Heavy Metal, Fifth Element, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Journey to unknown spheres both real and imagined, because matter is merely atoms vibrating with frequency, and the difference between harmony and discord can be either an eyelash’s breadth or a distant star.  Converse with strange aliens, fall in with dangerous cults, stand on impossible skyscrapers that preside over undiscovered landscapes.  The dangers are great, but the rewards are even greater.
In the darkness of ages past, our universe was visited by aliens strange and unknowable. They enslaved hundreds of people and they conqu…Myriad ThreatRegular price: $11.95Bundle price: $4.78Format: Watermarked PDF Everybody in the galaxy wants him dead!
The alien masters of the Syndic ruled over the ten-thousand planets… until they were gone, leaving the Myriad Worlds to their own devices.  Only the extremely brave or the terribly foolish would dare explore the mysteries that the Syndics left behind…. Warrior Rhys thought it was all over, once he’d destroyed that cache of Syndic hardware… But when he discovers galactic terrorists using that same forbidden technology, he makes it his mission to stop them.  Alien drive-bys, suns going nova, and a film crew shooting a very peculiar documentary can only be distractions from the true danger of the MYRIAD THREAT.
Picking up where MYRIAD QUEST left off, this is the next chapter in the exciting tale of graphic novels inspired by…Noggle StonesRegular price: $11.21Bundle price: $4.48Format: Watermarked PDF NOGGLE STONES is a role-playing game of fantastic adventure set in a past that never was. When the forces of darkness grow too strong to be contained in the world of the Faerie Kingdom, the fiends then cast their shadow over the dawn of 20th Century America. Can the goblins, elves, and dwarves put aside their differences to ally with the Great Republic of these United States? Can alchemy and sorcery stand up to locomotives and six-guns? How can a nation founded on liberty work together with a king and queen? What chance does any man or woman have against fear, when fear itself is a force all too real?
Designed by the acclaimed team behind IRONCLAW and ALBEDO, this game is written with the new player in mind … yet it’s sophiisticated enough for veteran gamers.  Learn more about th…OCCULT HORROR – Supernatural Options for Urban JungleRegular price: $13.33Bundle price: $5.33Format: Watermarked PDF The early 20th century of the United States knew no limits for this world… or the next. After conquering the mysteries of electricity, radios, and X-rays, it was only a matter of time before the coming science would push beyond the boundaries of natural law. True, the spiritualism craze was mostly enter­tainment to fill seats, when it wasn’t a con to empty wallets… But what if it wasn’t all smoke and mirrors? What is really going on? OCCULT HORROR expands your campaign options with the powers of the supernatural. Channel your vital forces to read minds, to heal bodies, to dominate souls, to reach into the great beyond. Learn what secrets lurk in the dark, but whether you are to destroy it or to command it, is a question only you can answer. P…Project VANTABLACK (early-access)Regular price: $99.99Bundle price: $40.00Format: Watermarked PDF This the early access copy of Project Vantablack….ScarsRegular price: $49.95Bundle price: $19.98Format: Watermarked PDF This is the early access copy of SCARS, an Ironclaw fiction novel.
If you don’t know why you’re here, you shouldn’t be here….Scriptorium TestRegular price: $50.00Bundle price: $20.00Format: PDF asdf…URBAN JUNGLE – Anthropomorphic Noir Role-PlayRegular price: $19.29Bundle price: $7.72Format: Watermarked PDF The early 20th century of the United States was rife with fantastic change: from the rise of industry giants, to the great experiment of Prohibition, to the tragedy of the Great Depression, onto the dawn of the Atomic Age. The sky was tamed, the world was mapped, and the possibilities of science seemed limitless, all blue skies and buttered toast… … for some folks, anyway. A complete game in one volume, URBAN JUNGLE makes you a player in an anthropomorphic world of pulp-adventure, hard-boiled crime, and film noir. You’ll tangle with hardened gangsters, with jaded debutantes, with world-wear wary veterans, and with all kinds of shady characters.

Our simple character creation lets you build a character in minutes. With just a few s…USAGI YOJIMBO ROLE-PLAYING GAME [Legacy]Regular price: $14.99Bundle price: $6.00Format: Watermarked PDF Based on Stan Sakai’s Eisner-award winning comic-book series, USAGI YOJIMBO: Fantasy Role-Play is a stand-alone game set in a fantastic version of Tokugawa-era Japan. While the warring states have been brought to peace under the watchful eyes of the Shogunate, danger still abounds in the form of greedy bandits, scheming warlords, and even the supernatural. But a house that heaps evil upon evil cannot stand …
Players take on the roles of brave samurai warriors, clever schemers, wise priests, and other heroes as they battle against the forces of corruption, despair, and evil in Sakai’s fantastic blend of historical and fantastical Japan. More that a source-book for the Usagi characters and stories, this game stands apart as a combination of story-telling and role-playing -…VITAL HEARTS: Role-Play in Isekai+Reality (EARLY ACCESS)Regular price: $19.95Bundle price: $7.98Format: PDF This is the early access build of Vital Hearts. Purchase this copy, and you’ll get updates throughout the product’s entire lifetime, including the final release.

Embrace the isekai spirit of Sword Art Online, Persona, Accel World, Log Horizon, Ready Player One, Dream Park, and other stories where there’s one world that offers far too little .. and another that’s all too much.
Vital Hearts is a tabletop game where you have not one but two characters: your personal user in a modern-day Japan… and an avatar in the next generation in multiplayer gaming. It’s fun at first, as you balance your work-a-day life with your hack-and-slash gaming. And sure, you might dismiss those fake screenshots and Internet hoaxes at first… but there’s definitely something mi…Ironclaw Book of FoolsRegular price: $0.00Bundle price: $0.00Format: PDF No longer must you merely be thought a fool … now with the IRONCLAW BOOK OF FOOLS, you can remove all doubt!
Winner of the 2015 Reflexive Award for Best Role-Playing Game Book!
Streamlined for second-edition IRONCLAW rules, this book has pared down the original 772-page volume to just 6 pages, yet the number of character options have actually QUADRUPLED in size. And as a pay-what-you-want book, there’s no maximum amount of money that you can transfer to us! The sky’s the limit!
BOOK OF FOOLS: Show your players what you really think of them….Total value:$529.13Special bundle price:$211.65Savings of:$317.48 (60%)Price: $529.13
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