RPG / D&D Ambiences Vol. 2

RPG / D&D Ambiences Vol. 2
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RPG / D&D Ambiences Vol. 2

Publisher: Michael GhelfiThis is how you create immersion
The first volume of the most complete and immersive ambiences and atmospheres library for RPGs, writing sessions or gaming, masterfully created by composer Michael Ghelfi.
All ambiences are 30 minutes long. This volume contains 50 ambiences, the list is available below. These ambiences are mostly aimed at Medieval fantasy, but they can also be used in any other setting.
More than 14’000 dungeon masters already use these ambiences. Is your Wisdom score high enough to make this choice yourself ?

What to expect

Masterfully mixed and mastered

Professional quality sounds

Standardized volume, so you don’t have to play the DJ while you DM

If you want to hear more, head over my YouTube channel (look for Michael Ghelfi)

Three new ambiences per week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays). You can even vote for what you want to see next in the “community” tab of my channel.

One of the most active YouTube community in this sector. Hundreds of people are voting for the next ambiences, sharing their opinion, proposing new ambiences, and shaping the channel they want for the soon-to-be biggest ambiences library on YouTube (see the community tab)

Immersive texts written by the community under the videos to boost your creativity (that’s a very recent project but we created a Discord server with 20+ writers, some professional and published, and we create stories to go with the ambiences :))

Completely free on my YouTube channel

If you are a streamer, podcaster or if you make YouTube videos, you can freely monetize your content using my ambiences. I just ask for a link to my YouTube channel. For other inquiries, contact me.

List of sounds
Thunder God Temple
Abandoned Shack
Abandoned Shack (With Fireplace)
Darkest Forest
Unicorn Glade
The Void
Carpenter’s Workshop
Chambers of Torture
Spirit World
Crowded Tavern
Frozen Coast
Frozen Tundra
Frozen Tundra Campfire
Lively Tundra
Lively Tundra Campfire
Arctic Cave
Icy Cave
Horse & Cart
Horse & Cart (No Background)
Horseback (No Background)
Footmen Army Marching
Medieval Battle With Magic
Medieval Battle With Monsters
Medieval Battle With Monsters And Magic
Medieval Siege
Medievel Siege With Magic
Medieval Siege With Monsters
Medieval Siege With Monsters and Magic
Storm Giants Fortress
Swamp Dragon Lair
Desert Dragon Lair
Thunder Dragon Lair
Water Dragon Lair
Sea Cave
Sea Cave Campfire
Ship Interior
Plane of Water
Plane of Air (With Storm)
Plane of Air
Plane of Earth
Clockwork Plane
Steampunk City
Tinkerer’s Workshop
Burning Forest
Inside a Volcano
Volcanic Field
Price: $9.99
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