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Robots for Quantum Starfarer

Publisher: Surreal Estate Games

Robots for Quantum Starfarer introduces robots and androids for your Quantum Engine Game. 
Design robots or androids for player characters or background details. Build enemies, tools  or just make a few new friends
This product requires Lightning League, Quantum Starfarer or another 2d6 system to use.
Not responsible for any synthetic uprisings.
Check out Lightning League for new characters to feed to your bots or vice versa! Also available Lightning Weapons for all manner of negotiating tools!

Quantum Engine is a trademark of Stellagama Publishing. Surreal Estate Games is not affiliated with Stellagama Publishing.  
You’ll still need Lightning League: Quantum Edition or Quantum Starfarer (, or another 2d6 system to fully enjoy this book.Price: $0.50
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