Queerfinder Issue 2: Absalom Winter Traditions

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Welcome to the second issue of the Queerfinder Society’s travel magazine, a guide to Golarion from queer creators and allies focused on queer characters and stories!Our goal is to create diverse and inclusive content to support the games at your table, whether it’s a one shot or an ongoing campaign. As we prepare to put a bow on another winter, let’s look back at the winter traditions we’re leaving behind. Finishing our two-part coverage of Absalom, here’s what you can find in this issue:
A divine starknife, the favored weapon of Desna and the Black Butterfly. Art by Nat Roze (Twitter: @NatRoze)
Festivals, bars, beauty consumables, fiction, recipes, and more!Celebrate the winter solstice with traditional festivals of the gods! Explore new locations, meet new NPCs, learn new activities, and purchase new consumables! This issue currently contains:
2 New Queer Bars owned by sisters who have drifted apart. One is a devout cleric of Andoletta, an empyreal lord of law and tradition, the other is a pirate and master of the Parrrty Barrrge! Can you help them reconcile their differences?
3 Absalom Winter Tradition articles! Dive into the tradition of the Zonzon doll that takes place during Crystalhue, a festival honoring Shelyn, god of love and beauty. Defend the Eventide Sevenfold, a ritual that only occurs once every hundred years in which a champion can visit Desna’s domain. Prepare yourself for the new year at a traveling marketplace run by Desna’s faithful where each stall represents a constellation and a tarot reading determines which one you visit.
2 Fiction Tales continuing stories from Issue 1!
17 New Items, 4 New Stat Blocks, and new activities including Andolettan Meditation and Theatrical Combat!
2 Real Recipes you can make for your table when they visit the corresponding bar

A sibling carries the Zonzon doll (article by Michelle Jones) through her neighborhood in Absalom. Art by Jo (Twitter: @artofjoenni)
Content from newcomers and veterans of TTRPGs!
Welcome Alysse Dalessandro, a plus size fashion blogger and LGBTQ influencer, who makes her first foray into the TTRPG world by creating Glimly the Glamour Goblin, an adventurer who travels the world for ingredients and inspiration to make beauty products that work for all ancestries! Join veteran Paizo designer Michelle Jones as she explores the tradition of the Zonzon doll, an attempt by Shelyn’s followers to bring her brother, the dark and sadistic Zon-Kuthon, back into the fold. Let the stars guide your way as veteran 5e designers Anne Richmond and Azra Hawthorne join the Pathfinder 2e family with their unique takes on Desnan traditions. Check in Cayden and Nethys after their steamy meet cute in issue 1 with a new comic panel from bestselling stock art publisher MicahDraws Explore the world of theatrical combat with Irene D. Bloodrose, a freelancer for many systems including Zweihänder and BRIGHTHAMMER, as the all-femme pirate crew under Admiral Annessa Coldwater stages daring and acrobatic fighters for guests aboard their ship!
Alysse Dalessandro is Glimly the Glamour Goblin, an adventurous alchemist who travels the world to develop beauty products for all ancestries and appearances! Follow Alysse on Instagram at @readytostare
A project that supports indie creators!All profits from your purchase go directly toward enabling us to produce future issues of Queerfinder and we hope to make our content bigger and better as we go. For this issue, all art was commissioned at artists’ commercial rates and all writing was paid upfront at 15 cents a word in our mission to pay the creative community livable wages in the hopes that they can eventually pursue their passion full-time, delivering more and higher quality content for us all to enjoy.

Phiara, leader of the Night Butterflies Market (article by Azra Hawthorne), prepares to perform a tarot reading to determine which shop addresses a visitor’s needs for the coming year. Art by Isiah X. Bradley (Instagram: @isiah_xb)
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The Gallant Goblin founders and Queerfinder project managers Theo Thourson and Grady Wang toast to Pride Month with their goblin mascot. Art by Kay Fine (Twitter: @Kf1n3).
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Queerfinder Issue 2: Absalom Winter Traditions

Queerfinder Issue 2: Absalom Winter Traditions

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