Mad Sci – How to Train your Shoggoth

Publisher: Chaosium

It’s campus chaos at Miskatonic University!

Tess Alvitr is a Norwegian exchange student that has come to Miskatonic University to get her Doctorate of Synthetic Biology. Little did she know that the sinister forces which stalk this place would be her undoing.

Vincent Pollo is not really Vincent Pollo, but a rogue Yithian who has broken with protocol and defied his brethren by “dropping in” to a human body for an earthbound joyride. But it is a working vacation and he has been helping various scientists on campus with their academic pursuits.

With Vincent’s help, Tess has created a living organism (purple blob) that seems to have sentience and is learning and growing. She has synthesized a shoggoth!  Enchi’lo’ko the Elder Thing who is secretly conducting experiments with some of the Miskatonic staff is none too happy when he (it?) finds out that Vincent has shared this biological technology with the humans.

Mad science runs amuck as numerous lab factions form and high tech hijinks ensue!

Alternate antics options provided for more mayhem!

Mad Sci – How to Train your Shoggoth is a one shot adventure that takes place on the college campus of Miskatonic University.

Though originally intended for modern Call of Cthulhu, it is not dependent on that and can be used in any era where the university exists.  If you are running it in Pulp Cthulhu you will have to double the characters’ HP and the Keeper will have to add any other bonuses or extra skills.

Mad Sci - How to Train your ShoggothPrice: $0.00

Mad Sci – How to Train your Shoggoth

Mad Sci - How to Train your Shoggoth

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