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Publisher: ChaosiumThe adventure starts on the 1st of January 1934 in Zakopane, Poland, after New Year’s eve celebrations. Investigators will ride the express train “Luxtorpeda” – one of the fastest trains in Europe – to Warsaw.
Unbeknown to them, there are nefarious plans in motion. They will need to face ancient Serpent People plotting their comeback, temporal anomalies and a doomsday cult summoning their god.
Will they survive this trip and find a way back home? Only time will tell.

Luxtorpeda is a one-shot adventure for three to five players. It is designed for the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu and contains: 
40 pages with all information needed to run this adventure
Full-colour handouts and maps (Keeper and Investigator versions)
Six pre-generated investigators with optional secret cards
An additional text-only, print-friendly pdf and separate handouts files
CONTENT WARNING: End Days, Suicide, Religious Persecution.

Luxtorpeda was written as part of The Storytelling Collective’s “Write Your First Adventure” course, Summer 2022.Price: $3.99
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