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LORE Dystopia Set [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Sebastian Baar
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

LORE Core RulesRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Watermarked PDF
ALL LORE BOOKS ARE NOW DISCOUNTED UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH! “You have been given a chance. One soul of billions pulled from the absence of time and space – a coincidental choice picked by the Gods. Unfrozen, you now stand on the precipice of the Aether’s many realities. Which will you choose? Will you end up as a hero, or a villain, that will turn the tide of this reality, or will you fall like thousands before you and have another take your place?” – Sira, the Goddess of Life and Rebirth You are a mortal like any other. You are not special and you are not unbeatable. But hey, the good news is – neither is anyone else. LORE RPG is a table top roleplaying game about beating the odds and living to tell about it. There are thousands of adventu…

Codex Infinitum: UnityRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: Watermarked PDF
ALL LORE BOOKS ARE NOW DISCOUNTED UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH! Enter a world destroyed by the absence of magic, where the seas have dried up and turned into a wasteland of raiders and lunatics and where the mainland is controlled by an autocracy of powerful mages. “Unity is an ironic name for a planet that sees more conflict than most bars in the poorest of districts. It is a feeble attempt at unifying the people by pushing out those who wouldn’t conform to an autocratic regime out into the violent world of the wastelands. But hey, you can’t expect honesty from a regime built on lies.” – Bison Krul, co-leader of the Gaian Exiles Unity is a low-magic, modern dystopia where the majority of magic has been extinguished. It is…

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Two books with a discount!
This pack includes the LORE Core Rules book and the Unity setting book for players who want to play in the second timeline. This pack allows you to get the books cheaper than buying both books separately.

Core Rules: The LORE Core Rules with all the rules needed to play in any of LORE’s timelines as well as many other useful features. Details here.
Unity, the Second World: The setting book for Unity, the low-magic, modern dystopia. Details here.
Character sheets: A form-fillable, print-ready character sheet and 5 other sheets that might come in handy for pets, constructs, creatures, vehicles and spacecraft.
One-shot: A play-tested one-shot with 7 pre-made characters for players to try out Unity’s setting.
LORE has been in the making for 6+ years since 2016 and has gone through many iterations in that time. It was made by one man and was play-tested on a weekly basis for over 2 years. That being said, there was no feasible way to test out every single aspect of game and therefore, there might be some small balance patches on the way, based on player feedback. Also note, that the book features royalty-free art and does not yet have its own art. The proceeds from the sale of LORE’s books will however go towards commissioning actual art for the game.

Disclaimer: This game was made by gamers for gamers. It is not and never will be politically motivated in any way.
Upon purchasing the book, you will also receive a ‘Thank You’ message, with a link to the game’s official Discord server. Price: $4.91
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