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Library Cops Vol. 1

Publisher: GM Puppy PoundLibrary Cops Vol. 1 is an adventure module compatible with  the 5th edition of the world’s most famous role playing game.
This is a 5e adventure for three to six players at level five, requiring roughly 10 total hours to complete. It takes place in the fantasy realm of the Defiled Domain, in the sprawling city of Kudiff.  It is intended to start a new, ongoing campaign, but can be played as a standalone game.
Game hook:
Within the West District of the city of Kudiff, the local public library has seen better days. For several years, budget cuts and a lack of public interest have bled its resources dry. But maybe the hard times are passing, as rumors of a renewed funds grow. The West District Library has posted notices of available summer associate programs throughout the city.
Each member of your party has answered the call to public service, having arrived at the West District Library to interview for employment in the fast-paced field of book cataloging. Ushered from the front desk to the head librarian’s office, you await anxiously for your interview to begin….
Players will receive minimal training before taking on their first case to recover a novel that has been overdue for several weeks. The investigation will lead them face-to-face with criminals, an indifferent citizenry, and riotous crowds in the pursuit of the culprit to collect the late fees, and secure valuable library property.
Included in this module:

22 page adventure

Homebrew items

Original maps

DM-friendly note cards for NPCs, items, and stat blocks

Color and printer-friendly versions

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Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.Price: $4.99
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