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Lancer Core Frame MEGA Pack

Publisher: DirePengin

Mech frame tokens based on the Lancer RPG tabletop game but suitable for any sci-fi setting. All mech frames included were designed by Tom Parkinson-Morgan and the tokens are based on their appearances in the Lancer core rulebook. Packaged for Dungeon Draft, but suitable for Roll20 and any other grid-based VTT framework
Pack includes ALL mech frames from the Lancer Core book plus variants!(36 Tokens Total)
Tokens are OVERSIZED to allow for zooming in close during roleplay. Uses Lancer size categories, so a Size 1/2 and Size 1 token should occupy 1 square or hex while a Size 2 mech would occupy 3 hexes / 4 squares. This pack includes tokens at Size 1 (768×768), Size 2 (1536×1536), and Size 3 (3072 x 3072). Scale reference included.
Actual products are 300 dpi PNGs and all watermarks are removed. Do not use commercially without a license, contact me for more details.

Price: $14.99
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