Iniquity of the Fathers

Publisher: White Wolf“You and your kind continue to rape and steal, as passed down from your father and the father before him. You can no longer hide from your crimes, and I will prove the indifference of The One Above. I will infect you…destroy all your kind with your own greed and malice. I needed only your blood to do this, for I am Lamia, the first born to Adam and Lilith.”
In the tradition of this edition of Vampire, this book marks the 20th Anniversary of the tumultuous Week of Nightmares and presents a brand-new vision of the event for this edition of the game. The Dynasty of Orphans chronicle brings sweeping changes to your World of Darkness. There is no sugar-coating it or hiding it: a couple of events drastically change the setting, creating a vastly different Vampire experience…
Iniquity of the Fathers includes:
Story seeds to plunge your chronicles into the Dynasty of Orphans;
Details of how vampires are ravaged by the debilitating Languor;
Shocking revelations about the history of the Clans and Sects; and
Illuminating the origins of the Inconnu.
Price: $4.95
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Iniquity of the Fathers

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