Incident at Greg’s Diner

Incident at Greg’s Diner
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Incident at Greg’s Diner

Publisher: Crystal Point GamesWHO CAN YOU REALLY TRUST?
A priest, a drifter, a young couple in love, an old man, a little girl, and the staff of Greg’s Diner start their very normal Tuesday morning unaware of the dangers the day will bring or the creature hunting them. With the unexpected blizzard making escape impossible, the townsfolk will have to keep their own paranoia at bay long enough to work together and survive their encounter with the paranormal.

Incident at Greg’s Diner is a Savage Tale for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. It can be run convention style as a stand alone adventure, the start of a horror campaign, or be dropped into an existing campaign.

Incident at Greg’s Diner includes:
• Detailed Savage Tale information• 12 Pregenerated Characters• 3 New Hindrances• 2 New Edges• 2 New Powers• Printable Handouts• Floorplan of Greg’s Diner

Incident at Greg’s Diner requires the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook.Price: $1.99
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