Publisher: CyborgPrime PublishingHumanoid Resources Dept. Vol 4: d66 Human Interstellar Naval Personnel
36 detailed space navycharacters for use with classic sci-fi RPG’s.
Each Naval Serviceperson is fully detailed with stats, skills, equipment, and even contacts and enemies for Naval Personnel serving 3-5 terms.
*Perfect* for fleshing out your game with random (or selected) NPC’s or pre-generated characters for new players or for use at conventions.
*Great* for recruiting new players to the world of sci-fi gaming.Example Listing:
8AC6A7, Petty Officer 3, (Uni, Eng, Eng, Eng), Shares x5, E-Suit, EM Probe, Stunner (TL 8), Rival: Medical DoctorAdvocate 1, Athletics, Carouse, Drive, Electr (Sensors) 1, Engineer (Power) 2, Flyer, Gun Cbt, Gunner (Ortillery) 1, Gunner (Screen) 2, Mechanic 1, Navigation 1, Pilot, Vacc Suit 1If you need Naval Personnel for your next mission, a new player at your table, or just like to collect sci-fi personnel, this product is perfect for you.Price: $0.99
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