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Publisher: Lightspress Media
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Campaign Journaling (Hippogryph Edition)Regular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
Hippogryph gamemasters have to track group logistics, house rules, characters, storylines, and metaplots. Whether using an adapted setting or creating your own, it becomes a lot to keep straight. Then there are optional mechanics, new product releases, and possibly upcoming conventions. Bullet journaling has become something of a phenomenon over the past few years. Combining the calendar functions of a day planner, the utility of to-do lists, and the personal documentation of a diary into a single, easy-to-use notebook is appealing and practical. That approach provides a simple, efficient, and flexible way to organize information. I have used one personally and professionally for several years now. The shelf next to my desk holds journals dedicated to managing complex projects, planning …

Character Journaling (Hippogryph Edition)Regular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
Character sheets frustrate me. Most of the time there isn’t enough space to record everything about my character. There’s always room left over for categories that don’t even apply to the person I’m playing. Some information is on the back when it would serve me better if it were on the front. While some are better designed than others, they remain a one-size-fits-all solution that ultimately isn’t the best solution for anyone. In the 1990s I started carrying a 3-ring binder. There would be an official character record in the front, inside of a clear sheet protector. I dutifully updated it in case the gamemaster needed to see it. (Spoiler: he never did. In over 40 years of tabletop roleplaying, I’ve never seen a gamemaster ask to see a character sheet. As a gamemaster, I just…

Hippogryph (Director’s Cut)Regular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
A hippogryph is a strange paradox, combining the elegance of a giant eagle with the stability of a horse. It is a hybrid of two things that cannot logically go together. Somehow the unlikely remix produces something that elevates both of its antecedents. Throughout time, the mythical hippogryph has symbolized everything from the contradictory nature of religious belief to the unyielding power of romantic love. For me, it represents how the whole can be more than the sum of its parts. Lofty yet grounded. Poetic yet practical. Hippogryph is so named because it is full of such dichotomies. My strongest influences are structured legacy systems like Dungeons & Dragons and lighter, more free-form mechanics like those found in Fate. My goal with this system has been to leverage the strength…

Hippogryph Future: Science Fantasy RoleplayingRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
Science fantasy is a hybrid genre that draws upon and combines tropes and elements from science fiction and fantasy. In conventional science fiction, the world is presented as being scientifically logical. Conventional fantasy stories contain mostly supernatural and artistic elements, disregarding the laws of physics and the constraints of the real world. Science fantasy, then, is presented scientifically logical and supplied with science-like explanations of its supernatural elements. Like science fantasy, a hippogryph is a strange paradox. combining the elegance of a giant eagle with the stability of a horse. It is a hybrid of two things that cannot logically go together. Somehow the unlikely remix produces something that elevates both of its antecedents. Hippogryph Future began…

Hippogryph Gamemaster Guide (Director’s Cut)Regular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
Like most tabletop roleplaying aficionados, my formative experiences in the hobby were with Dungeons & Dragons. You build a character, fight things, and gain treasure and experience. Unlike most players, those weren’t my only, or then my most important, moments. I like the stories and the character development. Soon after D&D, I discovered “universal” system. Rather than being limited by classes and levels, I could scratch-build any sort of character I wanted! The lack of restrictions was refreshing! Later still I fell into story gaming, and systems like Fate that moved roleplaying away from its wargaming roots. Most of the systems I loved lacked a gamemaster guide. My friends and I struggled with how to structure adventures. We had no idea how to manage a group or make im…

Hippogryph GrimoireRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
While one strength of the Hippogryph system is the ability to create whatever you want, sometimes it’s convenient to have pre-made abilities to choose from. These can serve as canonical spells for your setting, or ideas for creating your own. The Hippogryph Grimoire holds over 600 spells, divided into 19 categories. Rename them to suit the tone of your campaign. Tweak them as you see fit. This book is designed for use with Hippogryph, but it is also usable with the Fate system. Some adaptation may be required depending on whether you’re using Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, or Fate Condensed, but the principles are essentially the same. This is not an official Fate product, and Lightspress Media has no affiliation with nor is endorsed by Evil Hat Productions. The material herein is cov…

Hippogryph Modern: Urban Fantasy RoleplayingRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
Not all fantasy takes place in some pseudo-medieval, quasi-historical setting. Urban fantasy combines the familiar and the strange, using selected imaginary elements in an approximation of the real world. These elements, including magic and paranormal beings, often exist secretly in the world. The urban component is found in the setting, typically a city or suburban community. The use of contemporary technology, community, and social institutions establishes a recognizable context. The period in which the action occurs may be the fairly recent past or the near future, but will only require casual historical knowledge from the player and gamemaster. Like urban fantasy, a hippogryph is a strange paradox. It combines the elegance of a giant eagle with the stability of a horse. It is a hybr…

Hippogryph ReliquaryRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF
Before the dawn of the current age, other civilizations walked the world, filled with races alien to us now, and they worshiped other gods. They wielded strange magics and fought with strange technologies. They rose, they loved, they feuded, and in the end, as is the way of things, they fell. Those other societies, those other people, those other deities, are now dust particles scattered by the fickle winds of history. Yet some small remnants survive. We know that these cultures did exist and that these tales and legends did happen. Some, at least, were based on small kernels of fact. What we have are their greatest creations, cruel and wonderful but made to last. Items as Worldbuilding One of the things that I loved about the “Artifacts and Relics” section presented in the First …

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