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Hero Kids – Fantasy Premium Adventure – Picture Day

Publisher: Hero Forge Games
Picture Day’s story is set in the aftermath of the Rivenshore fires. The town rebuild fund was stolen and the finger is being pointed at the Adestikay. The Adestikay are a nomadic tribe of hunters and artists who live by a strict code of honor. But it doesn’t look that way when the heroes witness one of their members commit a crime. The heroes must figure out who stole the rebuild fund and apprehend them before they can skip town. Along the way they will meet colorful characters, pass dangerous terrain tests and battle in furious combat. 
Picture Day is an 8 encounter 90-120 minute adventure featuring a mix of role-play, challenges and combat. It includes 7 new maps, new bad guys, new heroes and new items.

Also includes printer-friendly version.

Requires Hero Kids from Hero Forge Games.Price: $5.99
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